Fuel: The French favor 110 km/h on the Autobahn

According to a recent study, the French are generally in favor of reducing speeds on motorways in order to save fuel.

When the idea of ​​lowering the speed limit on motorways to 110 km/h was proposed by the Citizen Climate Convention, the French reacted quickly. The latter had harshly criticized this proposal, which many considered draconian and useless. So much so that Emmanuel Macron had to announce loud and clear that this measure would not be applied, while the associations quickly took action. Because the drop in speed is a controversial issue in France. We remember in particular the outcry that was triggered by the foundation 80km/hwhich lit the powder of the yellow vest crisis in 2019. But since then, the French seem to have finally changed their mind and are now more inclined to slow down.

The French say yes

According to a recent study conducted by Ifop 60% of drivers are in favor of a speed reduction to 110 km/h on the motorways. A figure that rises to 73% for those over 65, with women more likely to agree than men (71% vs. 54%). The purpose of this measure? Save fuel while prices are still very high today. Moreover, the most precarious tend to agree with this idea, as 69% of the inactive said yes, versus 64% of the employed. On the other hand, only 18% of respondents said no to the idea of ​​speed reduction.

A proposal that could see the light of day

At the moment it is just a survey and nothing has been said about the implementation of this measure. Still, there’s no doubt the government is working on it while the idea keeps coming up. Especially since Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has already spoken out in favor of it. It is therefore probably only a matter of time before the motorways are limited to 110 km/h, while the government undoubtedly fears a return of demonstrations like those of 2019 when the 80 km/h was introduced.

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