A Citroën 2CV van with 4,000 km for sale after 30 years of oblivion

A 1955 Citroën 2CV Minivan with only 4000 km mileage and original documents is offered for sale after 30 years in a barn. It’s in Versailles, just waiting to be restored.



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This Citroën 2CV Van is reborn after 30 years to be offered for sale.

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The Citroën 2CV has never been so popular, or rather appreciated, as the model’s rating skyrockets whenever an example with a particularly interesting condition or history comes up for sale. The 100,000 euro mark has recently been exceeded several times. Fortunately, there are alternatives for those who like the “Deuche” differently, especially those who are not afraid of the vehicles to be restored. The nugget of the day is a 2CV van with only 4,000 km on the clockfor sale on Leboncoin.

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Citroen 2CV blue van

The car has only driven 4,000 km since leaving the factory.

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Three decades of oblivion for this 2CV

The car of the day, utility version of the 2CV therefore (AZU type), dates from 1955 and has not been driven for about 30 years. It was stored in a barn at Versailles, where it still stands today. Relatively sheltered from the elements during its long sleep, however, the car suffered from a leak in the barn roof that leaked just above the hinge of its hood. The water penetrated as far as the front part of the floor, which was damaged by rust. However, the rest of the car has been relatively spared and only shows superficial corrosion according to the seller. The latter tells us that the interior of the van is in good condition, especially the rear part. After so many years without turning, the mechanism needs to be repaired.

Almost first hand

The first owner of this 2CV, a restorer from Versailles, bequeathed it to his son, who did not use it. Ten years ago, this heir sold the property, barn and car to the current owner. After considering restoring it for some time, the latter finally decided to part with it to focus on other mechanical projects. The van comes with its original registration certificate, among other documents that testify to its history, valuable elements to facilitate the return to service of the vehicle after its restoration. Together with the mileage, they justify a price of 6,900 euros. While 2CV vans were traded for a pittance a few years ago, the most beautiful specimens now cost more than 15,000 euros.

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Citroën 2CV radiator grille

Under a well-preserved body, the front floor needs to be redone.

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