Innovation – TransPod unveils the FluxJet aircraft train and wants to “accelerate” in Haute-Vienne.

Will this sci-fi device be tested in Droux, Haute-Vienne, where TransPod plans to set up a research center and test track for its Hyperloop project? This is assured by the CEO of the start-up, Sébastien Gendron. Canadian start-up TransPod struck a chord on Thursday with the unveiling of Fluxjet.

“More work than noise: tomorrow’s ultra-fast travel project is moving forward,” tweeted the elected representative of Haut-Viennese Vincent Léonie, defender of the very fast train project. “A prototype on a scale of 1:3 was presented,” explains the managing director. At the end of 2023 we want to do this with a vehicle on a scale of 1:2. And the Droux site is used to test it. Work will be accelerated in the fall.”

“Faster than a jet plane”

The innovation, according to the company in its press release, is “revolutionary”, “based on breakthroughs in propulsion and clean energy systems without fossil fuels”. “The FluxJet is an all-electric vehicle that stands at the crossroads between an airplane and a train, describes TransPod. Thanks to technological advances in contactless power transmission and a new field of physics called “flow monitoring”, The FluxJet travels in a protected guideway at over 1,000 km/h faster than a jet plane and three times faster than a bullet train. »

TransPod maintains its Hyperloop deployment plan in Haute-Vienne

While its competitor Hyperloop TT withdrew from Toulouse last January, TransPod assured its intention to set up a test track north of Haute-Vienne in Droux. “Deforestation will start after the clearing works in January,” assured Sébastien Gendron, CEO of Transpod, earlier this year.

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In any case, the recent TransPod announcements should bolster the future of the company. It’s “a great day for a multi-million dollar French-Canadian ‘tech’ project,” said Alexis Tudor, French Consul in Toronto.

” A milestone “

“TransPod has confirmed funding of $550 million and announced the next phase of an $18 billion infrastructure project to build the TransPod line connecting the cities of Calgary and Edmonton in Alberta, Canada, the press release. The preliminary construction work, including the environmental impact assessment, has begun. »

“We hope to be able to open a first section in 2025 to be used for certification,” explains Sébastien Gendron. So we need to accelerate in Droux to get to an opening next spring. “All these announcements, explains Vincent Léonie, are only positive. A little patience and Droux and Haute-Vienne will be able to benefit. It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. It doesn’t necessarily have to open up Haute-Vienne right away, but it’s good for its impact. »

“The Hyperloop is not dead and we will start working in Droux,” assures Sébastien Gendron, CEO of TransPod

Nevertheless, the opening could become a serious political issue faster than expected. “If the political powers abandon her a priori and sometimes her condescension, we would like to start feasibility studies on the two routes available, including Paris-Toulouse, with stops in Orléans and Limoges,” adds Sébastien Gendron.

“All the hard work of the last few years has led to this important milestone, which reflects all our efforts,” concludes Sébastien Gendron in the press release. The technology is proven and we have the confidence of investors, governments and partners to keep moving forward and effectively redefining transport. »

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