Hydrogen: This discovery could shake the entire industry

A team of scientists has managed to develop a technique to convert hydrogen into powder form and back to its gaseous form without chemicals. A promising innovation that could revolutionize the storage of hydrogen and other gases.

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Researchers at Deakin University in Australia have successfully saved thishydrogen in powder form, which is both easier and safer to transport. It is always possible to restore its gaseous appearance simply by heating this powder. This discovery could shake the entire industry and open up new development perspectives energies speak clean.

This new process is described in the journal materials today. And because it involves separating, storing and transporting huge quantities gas safe and without Wastethis technique could adapt perfectly to thehydrogen.

Here the researchers managed to develop an original and unprecedented technique for separation and gas storage. To achieve this, they used powder boron nitridewhich has a very high capacity ofabsorption. During the process, this powder is placed in a grinder that contains small balls stainless steel. The collision of these balls with the powder and the chamber wall then triggers a mechano-chemical reaction that gradually leads to the absorption of the gas by the powder. Note that this solution requires no harsh chemicals and produces no by-products.

A laboratory validated demonstration

Once immersed in it material, the gas can then be transported easily and safely. It is then sufficient to heat the powder under vacuum to release the gas in a completely unaltered form.

Such a method makes it theoretically possible to be able to savehydrogen (or other gases) anywhere and use it whenever you need it. So far, the success of this method could only be proven in the laboratory. The next step will therefore be to validate it with industry to develop it app work out.

As a reminder, the current method of saving thehydrogen consists in using a tank with high Print or even to cool the gas down to its shape liquid. However, these methods involve relatively hazardous processes and chemicals.

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