Test – Renault Master E-Tech Electric (2022): the anachronist


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What’s new about the new Electric Master? Uh… not much to be honest. It’s not even new, just an update. Its new name does not deceive anyone: it is in fact a prestigious Renault Master ZE with a new battery. This champion 2022 even swims in full anachronism. It’s called Renault Master E-Tech Electric, it’s on the back of the big van signed Renault. But the dashboard still says… ZE. Everything is current. The dashboard, controls and equipment are those of the Master ZE. And all this is finally getting a bit old, no longer meets current criteria. The gap is huge, and we’re measuring the speed at which electric commercial vehicles have evolved. The contrast is even greater when you step off a truly modern electric vehicle, as was the case with this Master test carried out shortly after that of the new Kangoo Van Electric… Everything then seems anachronistic about this Master: the dials , which provide a minimum of information, the screen on the center console is a bit outdated or the lack of a regeneration mode, only brakes and classic deceleration, allowing this master to recover energy.

Test - Renault Master E-Tech Electric (2022): the anachronist

200 kilometers of autonomy announced

Also with this Master E-Tech Electric there is only the battery. It has a capacity of 52 kWh and ensures a range of around 200 kilometers in the WLTP cycle. No change in performance from the old version, the engine is the same and still develops 57 kW or around 76 hp and a torque of 225 Nm. There are two superchargers to choose from. The first is a 7.4kW single-phase charger, the second is a 22kW DC charger. The first is made for household refills. It takes about ten hours to “fill up” at a conventional socket. A 7.4 kW wall box charges the battery to 80% in 5 hours. The 22 kW DC charger can cover 50 kilometers in 45 minutes at a public terminal.

From 8 to 15 m³ usable volume

This Master E-Tech Electric maintains its utility qualities without any changes compared to the thermal versions. Four vans are offered, available in three lengths (L1, L2, L3) and two heights (H1 and H2). These dimensions offer usable volumes from 8 m³ for the small L1H1 to 15 m³ for the large L3H2. Two permissible total weights are also on the program, 3.1 t. and 3.5 tons pending a next heavy version of 3.8 tons. Also offered as a chassis and cab in L2 and L3, the Master allows multiple conversions to accommodate a flatbed, tipper or large volume box which can then hold up to 20m³. The Master Electric range has therefore been expanded and now includes 15 versions compared to 6 before.

The four transporters offered are available in three lengths (L1, L2, L3) and two heights (H1 and H2).
The four transporters offered are available in three lengths (L1, L2, L3) and two heights (H1 and H2).

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