Combustibles: Why have prices fallen?

Driven by the war in Ukraine, the prices for diesel and unleaded petrol have risen to the symbolic mark of 2 euros. But for the third straight week, fuel prices continued to fall. This situation can be explained by the drop in the price of a barrel of oil, caused by the relaxation of the pressure exerted by the big oil companies.

Motorists can blow. Prices at the pump have been falling for a few weeks and are back to the level of early June 2022. However, they are still 30 to 40 centimes per liter above the level before the start of the war. A small breather, explained in particular by the relaxation of the pressure exerted by the tankers.

Until then, the latter had speculated about the international situation and culminated in the war in Ukraine. But in the face of popular turmoil and the political will of certain governments, as in the United States with the proposal to abolish the federal tax on gasoline, or in France with the discount at the gas pump, the big corporations have changed their strategy to start liquidating her inventory. In fact, supply is increasing faster than demand and prices are falling.

In the week of July 9-15, 2022, a liter of 95-E10 unleaded petrol cost an average of 1.9504 euros, down 3.2 cents in seven days. At the same time, the liter of diesel lost an average of 2.5 cents to 1.9696 euros, according to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition. A slight drop in prices, which are still at very high levels compared to pre-war.

The government and TotalEnergies announce measures

In addition, this Friday morning in France, MEPs adopted at first reading the bill on purchasing power, which includes measures for French people who use their car.

While the discount at the pump gradually decreases until it disappears on the 1stah December 2022, the government wants to introduce a “fuel tax” for workers in October. Depending on income and distance traveled, it is between 100 and 300 euros.

In addition, TotalEnergies Group announced in a press release the introduction of an additional pump discount of 20 cents per liter between September and November, followed by 10 cents per liter until the end of December. A decision welcomed by the government.

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