Fuel: this new choice by Leclerc will delight all French motorists!

Many French people have been living in a real hell for a few months now. The reason ? Inflation. Rising fuel or food prices are becoming increasingly difficult to manage. For his part, Leclerc thought of his customers.

Help for French drivers

This year, many French people had to cancel their summer holidays. Between the fuel increase and the tolls, some preferred to stay at home. For his part, Leclerc announced very good news.

For cars, the brand has announced the big fuel return at cost. And the least we can say is that this news has reassured some about leaving and returning from their vacations.

However, there are some conditions. Firstly, this incredible offer from Leclerc is limited in time. the latter works will take place from July 28th to 30th. The offer ends on July 31st.

There is one more condition. The large fuel return at cost will only take place at Leclerc Shopping Center stations. It will therefore not affect not the stations on the highways.

Auto Moto also announced: “The advantages (for motorists) are announced a priori from two to twelve cents. That would save a few euros compared to a full-fledged classic ».

“But less than with the state-introduced fuel discount”.

Signs fight inflation and reduce their fuel consumption

Our colleagues have also announced that Leclerc will not lose money from this famous operation. On the contrary, these famous shops attract many customers. You can also make a small stop at the store.

This allows the brand to increase profits. For its part, another company has also decided to think of its customers. This is casino. Auto Moto pointed out: “Casino, for example, offers a liter of fuel for 85 cents…that by giving away vouchers.

Once again, there is a good reason for this Casino offers this kind of offers. As mentioned earlier, these low prices tempt customers to shop at the brand’s stores.

Total will also lower the price of its fuel at the pump. Customers receive 20 cents per liter. However, you must be patient before taking advantage of this offer.

And the latter is for good reason Beginning next September. It also ends in November. One thing is for sure, the brands are somehow trying to attract as many customers as possible to fight inflation.

Government help is coming

For its part, the government is also working on a solution to help motorists pay for their fuel. Finally he thinks of a new compensation, whose The price would be 300 euros per year.

All drivers who use their car to get to work can benefit from this subsidy. Civil servants, employees, trainees, it should therefore affect a large majority of French people.

The government will also use workers’ income to calculate aid. Of course, the number of people per household is taken into account. Bigger riders can do that too get a big bonus.

It will take some patience until you learn more about this famous tank check. Motorists are also waiting to know the date of implementation of this help. Be continued !

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