Consumption reminder: this baby product sold throughout France must not be used!

This Friday, July 22, a new product has been added to the recalled products list on the Rappel.Conso.gouv website. In fact, this product is originally for babies and from a French brand. In addition, it is marketed in several supermarkets. It poses a high risk of allergic reactions in the little ones.

Baby product recall

This Friday, July 22nd, a new consumption reminder took place. In fact, this one is very delicate since the target consumers are babies. This product is nothing but 50ml of scented water. The brand is French and very well known. This is the Poupon brand. This brand is very popular in the product world Cosmetics for babies. It is also the brand itself that recommends stopping using this product. Indeed, it asks to return the product to the point of sale where it was sold or to destroy it. It is therefore strongly discouraged from using it, which is why it is under product recall.

A very responsible gesture by the brand, even if it means losing money. The origin of the problem is the presence of a germ. The latter is called Plurali Bacter Gergoviae. This germ can cause problems like a “skin reaction after contact of the product with the skin (redness, irritation)”.

However, the product, which was made without alcohol in order not to harm the sensitive skin of small children, is in a delicate situation. In fact, if the brand makes sure it’s a snug fit for babies, they’ve missed their mark. Besides, that’s the way it should be hypoallergenic, which is no longer the case. This water, which is the subject of a product recall, smells of white musk and orange blossom and is therefore sprayed on the child’s body, hair or even clothing. So that’s why it’s like this very dangerous to use it.

How do you recognize which product

There are indications as to which product exactly is affected by the product recall. In fact, there is accurate information on the labels. For example, you can find batch numbers and GTINs. The affected product has a GTIN number of 3770018872049 and a lot number of 21-208-401. It went on sale between August 1, 2021 and March 31 of this year. The product is distributed in various outlets including the largest supermarkets. It is mainly available on Internet and at bliss.

For the product recall, you can change him at which the to refund. You can then contact 0660115255 directly or email Poupon customer service. Poupon’s email address is You therefore have until the end of July 2024 to request compensation, enough time to see if the product is affected by the product recall.

If you don’t have time to bring it back now, make sure you put it somewhere safe when you have it. Not to forget that this product is especially not to use. The consequences are pretty important This is the reason for the product recall.

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