The Auchan Leers shopping center is being redesigned with several new brands

The year 2022 was marked by change at Auchan Leers.  No less than 6 new brands have already opened their doors.
The year 2022 was marked by change at Auchan Leers. No less than 6 new brands have already opened their doors. (©Adobe Stock/Illustration)

Attention buyers! The commercial area ofAuchan-Leers radically changed, with the closure of some formerly emblematic brands in favor of new brands that will refresh the mall. Since beginning of 2022more 6 new brands including a fast food open and it’s not over yet. We tell you more.

Action, Kalico, Food Factory…

From prêt-à-porter to fast food: Auchan Leers is getting a facelift! Since the beginning of 2022, the shopping center and the outdoor area have changed a bit to the delight of its regular guests! No less than 6 new brands have opened their doors and a fast food restaurant has been added to the list of restaurants!

We told you about it last January calico, a new accessible decoration and DIY brand. Located between Besson Shoes and the fast food restaurants Gur Kebab and Quick, the young and dynamic brand has actually opened its doors and is located outside the mall.

Two new brands have also appeared in the outdoor area of ​​the mall, right next to it! Replacing the old Decathlon, it’s Action (formerly in the Verdiers area) and Cash Piscines that have taken the place of the sports equipment giant.

To complete our update of the new signs outside the mall, a new fast food restaurant has opened on Rue de la Motelette next to Midas and Optical Center. The halal fast food Food Factory opened its doors in spring 2022 and, in addition to pizzas, also offers burgers, pasta and even a “dessert bar”.

JD Sports, Alive and Audio Pour Tous have joined the mall

If you’re a regular there, you probably remember the Chausport store, the closure of which worried most believers. Don’t panic: the store has simply been replaced by JD Sports, bigger and more spacious.

And the Audio Pour Tous store has been up and running for three weeks now.

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A new independent ready-to-wear boutique has also opened in the Auchan Leers shopping centre. The latest addition to the gallery is Alive, this new boutique with a bohemian and colorful window display.

Other works in the shopping area of ​​Auchan Leers are still in progress. The Gémo store is permanently closed and the Nocibé store is undergoing a makeover with a reopening scheduled for September. The least we can say is that the beginning of 2022 has been busy for the Leers shopping center at the gates of Lys-lez-Lannoy, Roubaix, Leers and Wattrelos.

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