How to multiply home WiFi signal by 3? All you need is an empty can

The connection signal can be weak and slow down the connection, especially when there are many rooms for a single router. Discover an easy way to spice it up with a can of lemonade. You will be amazed by the results of this ingenious technique.

It is practically impossible for the connection to reach all rooms in a house with the same intensity. And for good reason, you’ll have a better connection in rooms closer to the router. Find out how to solve this problem with a homemade trick.

Connection quality can be improved through a number of habits that don’t require much effort or expense.

But you should keep in mind that connection failures often involve a number of factors that are often unknown to you. Sometimes it pays to look for other router models that can improve the signal. There are also signal boosters that can help you expand the network. They are also inexpensive and can be very useful, especially if you use the Internet in rooms other than the one where the router is located.

Slow connection

Slow connection – Source: spm

A homemade solution to improve WiFi signal

It makes sense that this might seem unusual to you, but you can boost your internet signal with a product that many of you have in your fridge. It increases the WiFi signal significantly.

The router’s role is to send and receive data using electromagnetic waves.

The product you are going to use that might surprise you is a soda can to help boost the signal.

To get the most out of this trick, the container must first be emptied. Then wash the inside of the can well with water.

beverage cans

Beverage cans – source: spm

The next step is to remove the bottom of the can with a knife or scissors. You must do this carefully as this is aluminum, a material that can hurt you. Then you should remove the other end but without breaking it completely because you will need a base while you unfold the inside of the can. You will then open it vertically to unfold like a book.

Attach double-sided tape to the bottom part.

It should always be aimed towards the device to be amplified, whether it is a computer, tablet or mobile phone. By measuring the connection speed you can see the results are visible and you will be able to enjoy a better internet signal in your home. An inexpensive homemade technique with significant effects.

Wi-Fi Booster

WiFi booster – Source: spm

Why should you buy a WiFi signal booster?

Most households only have one router that provides the Internet signal. For this reason it is sometimes necessary to equip yourself with a Wi-Fi signal booster to have coverage in all rooms of the house. It is a plug-in device that simply picks up the Wi-Fi signal received , to multiply it strengthen and thus extend the range.

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