Gas Prices: The government is ready for a discount of 30 cents per liter, the Republican lawmakers are satisfied

TotalEnergies has promised a discount at the pump of 20 cents per liter between September and November (then 10 cents by the end of the year).

In a compromise with Les Républicains (LR) MPs, who called for the go ” further away ” To help the French in the face of soaring fuel prices, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said he backed the discount at the pump from 18 to 30 centimes a liter on Saturday July 23.

“The rebate could go from 18 to 30 cents in September and October, then increase to 10 cents in November and 10 cents in December.”, explained the minister. With the 20 cent discount at the pump announced by TotalEnergies on Friday “You would have a fuel for 1.50 euros at some gas stations in France” – a threshold defended by LR, he continued.

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Withdrawal of Republican amendments

Faced with the threat waved by the deputies of a tax on “super wins”the oil giant has promised a discount at the pump of 20 cents a liter between September and November, then 10 cents by the end of the year.

Bruno Le Maire also proposed the MP from LR “Report” the transport fuel allowance, which targets tall drivers and the working class but has been criticized by the right, which is calling for action “widespread”. Finally, the mayor mentioned a concrete measure for “small rural stations”Provision also claimed by LR.

The Les Républicains group, pleased with these announcements, withdrew their amendments, paving the way for the rebate to be accepted. “We rightly supported this proposal to have fuel for €1.50 because we are getting there and the French will be able to thank us for persevering.”greeted Veronique Louwagie.

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“Do you know many total stations in rural areas? »

“What a surprise, we find that the majority has reached an agreement with Les Républicains”, joked the communist Nicolas Sansu. “They announce something (a liter for €1.50) that applies in September, which no longer applies in October, which applies even less in November and no longer at all in December.” because of inflation, he denounced. “Do you know many total stations in rural areas? Very rare!for his part, said centrist Charles de Courson (Liberties Group, Independents, Overseas and Territories). You cannot add the two. »

The “rebellious” faction also criticized this agreement, arguing that only 1.50 euros in fuel would apply “at some gas stations” and in a way ” in the interim “. LFI MPs urge a “Fuel Price Freeze” who “doesn’t cost a dime”. “It was made on the hydroalcoholic gel”noted Manuel Bompard, who also proposes reducing the fuel tax “floating”.

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