With fuel prices rising, Laurent’s water motor is a hit

ecol'eau morlaix
Laurent Baltazar started marketing his water hybridization kit called Éco l’eau ten years ago. ©Brest page

Despite the intoxication of the surroundings, Laurent Baltazar keeps a cool head. The manager based in Sainte-Sève, nearby Morlaix (Finistere)overwhelmed with requests.

With fuel prices soaring, Éco l’eau, its water hybridization kit fitted to vehicle engines, is a hit.

20% less fuel

And with good reason, the entrepreneur boasts one thing 20% fuel savings, on average. “There are also benefits in terms of engine life. It clogs less and lasts longer. We win at everything because there is one decrease in pollution. Particulate matter and CO2 emissions can be reduced by up to 30%. »

Le Morlaisien’s selling point is not based on studies, but on customer feedback: “The ones from practice! This is better than test strips. We are pragmatic! »

water doping

In a few words, the entrepreneur summarizes how his product works:

It’s water doping. Engine performance is increased through a natural process: water turning into mist and feeding the engine through the air intake.

Computer scientist and accountant Laurent Baltazar developed his kit self learned“after reading an article by science and life». For two years he researched and tested his process until he was satisfied. “I didn’t invent the principle, but I did made my product. I’m not the only one, there is competition. »

A year of sales in a month

His kit was successfully marketed in 2012. The man has experienced spikes in activity in particular in connection with the increase in fuel prices, such as 2018 and the crisis Yellow vests.

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Since March 2022 and the price increase at the pump, his product has snapped. “In March, in one month, we made a year’s sales,” says Laurent Baltazar. And since, every monthlet’s record 50% growth. »

The company generates an average annual turnover of 150,000 euros, not excluding the health crisis. “The Covid had a good impact on us but we used it to stock up and further develop the network and processes. »

Image of an installed kit.
The kit can be installed on any type of internal combustion engine, that of a car, but also that of a truck or agricultural machine. ©Eco water

Installation alone or in a garage

“The kit adapts all heat engines», says Laurent Baltazar, who sells a hundred a week. Those of cars, but also those of trucks, agricultural machinery, generators… He is currently considering adapting them to trawlers.

The kit is marketed on the internet at 599 euros (Delivery possible) without assembly. “Installation is easy provided you have an understanding of mechanics and time,” says the contractor. And to be clear up front:

If it is installed incorrectly, there will be no effect on the engine, but the savings will not be there.

The kit costs €1090 with professional installation for a light vehicle, €1290 for a utility vehicle.

For a decade, the company provided the interventions on its own. It has been relied on since the beginning of the year to meet demand a network of franchise workshops, mainly located in the Great West. They are currently 22 years old and aim to turn 50 by the end of the year.

A “timeless” product

Laurent Baltazar highlights a “timeless and maintenance-free” product. Some customers use it for 10 years. The kit can also be uninstalled to be reinstalled on a different vehicle.

On average, it takes 20,000 km to amortize it. Some can do it in three months, others in two years.

The company recognizes 80% of sales in France. So far, 80% of them have come from private individuals. “The trend should reverse by the end of the year. More and more professionals are turning to Éco l’eau. Laurent Baltazar has won contracts with large corporations such as Eiffage, Dior and Centragri.

The entrepreneur currently employs 12 people. The workforce will grow to around 20 by the end of the year, and one will open in September showroom 90m2, along the expressway. “You have to grow step by step,” supports the Finistère. Nothing is ever acquired, you must remain in control of the situation. »

The requested state

From the beginning, Laurent Baltazar has struggled to improve his process and adapt to the evolution of the engines. “Aha the ecological aspect before saving,” he argues.

With the ambition to see his process “ecologically validated” by the state. “The more we have economic clout, the more we are listened to. There’s still work to be done, but we’re starting to talk about ourselves. »

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