VIDEO. She discovers a lizard in her burger and files a complaint against McDonald’s

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Bad surprise for a McDonald’s customer in Sain-Witz in the Val-d’Oise. She discovered a dead lizard in her burger, so she decided to sue the brand.

Last December a customer at a KFC in Twickenham, England found a whole chicken head in her order. But McDonald’s in Sain-Witz (Val-d’Oise) did even more: A woman found a lizard in her burger in February 2021, reports The Parisian.

It all starts with an order through UberEats. Paméla (first name has been changed) orders a Big Tasty (a well-known brand burger, editor’s note) at the Saint-Witz restaurant. After receiving her menu, the young woman sits down with a friend, bites into her sandwich and then spits it out. “I felt like there was something strange there. I opened it and found a crushed lizard with the entrails coming out,” she explains to our colleagues. “It was well coated with sauce, the chef must have seen it,” testifies her friend.

Worried, the customer goes to the store that same evening. “I got the impression that they weren’t surprised at all. The chef was behind and never came to see us. The manager wasn’t there,” she says. She is offered compensation (10% off her next meal) and one of the employees wants the burger back. She refuses.

endangering the lives of others

The next day, Pamela is gripped by nausea. She goes to a doctor who prescribes her antibiotics. She had previously stopped breastfeeding her son, who was 8 months old at the time, over fears the reptile could carry disease. Worried, she eventually decides to contact a lawyer, who even goes so far as to keep the lizard in the fridge for several weeks for eventual analysis. The latter urges McDo to appear in court for endangering the lives of others. The hearing, which will take place in February 2023, will take place at the Pontoise court.

For its part, the management of the Saint-Witz brand ensures that “at the time of the events, in February 2021, an internal investigation was carried out immediately. This has not revealed any non-compliance”. Finally, she specifies that “the management of the Saint-Witz restaurant will continue to ensure justice with the necessary elements in relation to this case”.

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