How do you know if a website is reliable?

While the internet allows for many transactions, users remain exposed to scams and scams. To stay safe while browsing the web, you need to know digital security best practices. You can tell if a website is reliable or not.

A suspicious woman assessing whether a website is reliable

That surf the Internet and especially the Shopping online become a tempting playground for malicious people. Hackers are evolving their approaches and the risks persist despite several institutional measures. To venture on tiptoe in this gigantic and sometimes unforgiving world, all you have to do is do ituse some techniques.

Know at a glance if a website is reliable

The presentation of a place usually testifies to this reliability. First, the address of its URL provides information about the level of trust that should be placed in it. Note that browsers use the Possess an SSL/TLS certificate issued by an authorized certification body. Subject to this condition, the website in question accepts the HTTPS protocol to the Secure hypertext transfer protocol. This label guarantees the Confidentiality and integrity of the data exchanged between the user and the website. In practice, a small padlock in front of the site address shows that it conforms to the standards.

Then the Quality of the site content continues to demonstrate its credibility. With a careful eye, the Internet user can, for example, recognize any spelling mistakes. Indeed the possible Typos do not reflect professionalism what every company wants. For example, an e-commerce site serves as a storefront or online store. If not designed and written with great care, it casts doubt on its reliability.

In addition, outrageous reductions should attract attention know if a website is reliable. There may actually be malicious intentions or actions behind the captivating discounts on e-commerce websites. For example, to protect yourself from online phishing, use a price comparison products you wish to purchase. Also check those customer reviews on the site they often represent valuable testimonies. You can find them in the comments of the product sheets or in Ecommerce Forums.

The SSL certificate denoted by the padlock in green indicates that the website is reliable

Search the site to check its reliability

Find company identity with questionable website

Deeper auscultation of a website makes it possible to detect fraud exposure. You should know that ecommerce websites are required to showcase the General Conditions of Sale (GTC) and the General Terms of Use (AVB). This form of contract explains the rights and obligations of the company and the customer. There appear the characteristics of the products, their prices, the methods of confirming the order and the return systems. These annotations are most commonly found at the bottom of the page. Their absence therefore affects the reliability of a website.

That legal mentions of a website represent the identity of the company concerned. You basically state the company, the legal form, the address of the registered office and the amount of the capital, the entry number in the commercial and company register (RCS). The entry number in the craft register replaces this for a sole proprietorship. Verifying this information makes it possible know if a website is reliable. It is then advisable to leave the website to be on the safe side, should it ever be incomplete.

Detect social media links from a suspicious website

In times of Web 2.0, social networks are becoming the preferred channels for companies. The strategy improves when linked to their website or blog. Because of this, Keep an eye on your social networks forms a different kind of know if a website is reliable. Sometimes the icons of the social platforms on which a company is present redirect to its profiles.

A brief analysis of the presence of companies on the Social networks provide information about the authenticity of a page. The points to be checked relate in particular to the topicality of the publications and the commitment of their communities.

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Do your research to find out if a website is reliable

Check the legitimacy of a website by its domain name

The best way to learn about a domain name is to open a new tab to search for it online. Just type it after mentioning “who is”. The relevant information will then be displayed. At this point it is worth checking the age. An up-to-date website may not be credible enough.

Other more advanced means make it possible know if a website is reliable by parsing its URL. That specialized pages remain recommended for this operation France verif Where Doc scam. The possible presence of viruses or malware on a dubious site is thus easily clarified.

Sometimes the terms “scam” and “scam” are associated with unfair websites. But their real situation is revealed when the internet user enters their name in the search engines followed by these mentions.

Check out reviews of the company that runs a weird website

Customer ratings allow for more know if a website is reliable. However, comments posted on any company’s website can be misleading. Other sites of opinion therefore help to remove the doubt. The best known remain Trustpilot or the Yellow Pages.

In addition, the founding protocol or the protocol Google mine business facilitates the search for customer reviews.

Use Google My Business to check if a website is reliable

Good practices for using websites safely

Internet browsing is subject to various threats such as: chop on malicious websites. However, some precautions allow avoiding the dangers to be on the safe side.

First enable the extension Google Safe Browsing sets up an alert when you browse a dangerous website. Other malicious website or file warning apps like Malwarebytes protect the devices.

Then the option for a unique password will remain every time you create an account on the Internet. against identity theft. In case of doubt, personal and bank details should also not be passed on.

For online purchases, virtual cards like the blue card enable the implementation secure payments. But before the purchase, a first contact with the customer service informs about the quality and authenticity of the offer.

Finally, the payment experience makes it possible know if a website is reliable. the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) promoted double consent before validating the transaction. Thus, the first click leads to a summary of the order. The second confirms the debit decision.

Ultimately, many techniques test the reliability of a website. The combination of observation, research and prevention allows for completely safe navigation.

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