This city near Toulouse is launching a bundled offer of electric bikes at bargain prices

French manufacturer Neomouv is offering Balma residents two models at a lower cost than the market as part of a city tender (©Neomouv)

After the mosquito traps and the municipal mutual, the city balmaat the gates of toulouseShe just completed a third procedure group purchases : the residents of the city can now afford it Cycles electric cheaper.

Up to 500 euros savings per wheel

The approach launched by the municipality at the end of 2021 has obviously been well received by the residents: “Almost 400 households expressed their interest,” announced the mayor Vincent Terrail-Noves, especially as some might order multiple copies as well. This massive interest from the Balmanais enabled the community to get “a bargain price”.

The mayor of Balma (connected to the Renaissance) is happy about the preservation “attractive negotiation prices” for his constituents who will be able to do so Savings of up to 490 euros by bicycle. A real “purchasing power initiative,” says the first magistrate.

“During the election campaign, we committed to making gestures towards households to preserve purchasing power, in line with the non-increase in local taxes that we have maintained in Balma for eight years. With this logic, we have positioned ourselves on various purchasing communities, in particular to enable people to equip themselves with electrically assisted bicycles at low cost”.

Vincent Terrail-NovesMayor of Balm

selection criterion

After bidding, four candidates knocked on the door of Balma Town Hall. “Our selection was based on different criteria,” says the mayor: “The reduction received compared to the public price but also the fact that the bikes are made in france, and the provider has Inventory, because many Balmanais were in a hurry for us to set this up! “. The community also says they made a point of choosing “quality products.”

Which manufacturers and models are selected?

At the end of this time trial, she turned to French society neomouv. Installed in the Pays de la Loire, it will offer Balmanais two models, from two different ranges. Each is available in two sizes and three different colors.

Offered at a retail price of €1,539, A first model, with a motor in the rear wheel but already a 468 watt/hour rack battery and an adjustable stem, was negotiated from the city €1,199.

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A second model, more upscale, with a motor in the crankset, suspension fork, and Bluetooth connectivity, is usually sold at €2,289, is offered here €1,799.

“We managed to get a significant reduction of more than 20% on the public price.”

Vincent Terrail-Noves
Here are the two models that NeoMouv ​​​​​​is offering to Balma residents as part of the tender
Here are the two models that Neomouv proposed to the residents of Balma as part of the tender (© City of Balma)

With help “price almost halved”

When this bundle is without means test, the residents who subscribe to it can also claim it AIDS by Toulouse Métropole (a “bike bonus” of up to 250 euros) and by the Occitanie region (a mobility eco-cheque of 200 euros) for the purchase of an electric bike with support, of course subject to the fulfillment of the participation conditions set by the local authorities, these two measures are allocated on the basis of income. “Upon arrival the price can be for the bike almost halved That’s very encouraging,” says Vincent Terrail-Novès happily.

Bikes delivered… within eight days!

The mayor says they should be able to try the Balmanais during mobility week in September. But for those who are in a hurry, it is already possible to order the bikes on the special page of the Neomouv website, where local residents can Choose model, color and size their two-wheeler. Some will even “be able to go on holiday with their new bikes”, smiles Vincent Terrail-Novès. Because after the order the delivery is expected” usually within eight days, and the two-wheelers are collected from a brand-approved dealer in Toulouse.

And if Toulousains has imagined taking advantage of the offer, it’s not lucky: it will be necessary live in Balma, and proof of residence in the municipality.

A €3 million bike plan in Balma

Balma and its 17,000 souls also want to change gears in relation to the development of cycle paths, according to Vincent Terrail-Novès, who shares his “willingness to develop soft mobility”. Apart from the axes planned by Metropolis as part of the Express Bike Network, the city is actually committing 3 million euros to its cycling plan. She wants the city to “wear a little less pavement in the future, in the spirit of what we did at Lake Saint-Clair,” the mayor explains.

A new combined offer… for gas and electricity

Originally, Balma Town Hall also planned to proceed with a group purchase electric scooterbut it didn’t work: “We included it in the questionnaire we sent to residents, but the interest of the people of Balman in this mode of transport turned out to be too low and we wouldn’t have had enough influence to negotiate favorable prices” , adds Vincent Terrail-Novès.

Such a procedure will continue to develop in this city, where the mayor has surrounded himself with an elected representative of the purchasing groups. He is already announcing that new procedures will be launched, particularly on a major issue at the moment: the price of energy. In precisely this “concern about maintaining purchasing power and ecological change”, Balma is working on a bundled offer for the gas and Electricity.

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