On the way to a new state fuel discount: the liter for 1.50 euros at the beginning of the school year?

After Bruno Le Maire’s statement at the general assembly on Saturday, the scenario of a tap price reduced to 1.50 euros per liter at the beginning of the school year is firmly in people’s minds. But the calculation is not so simple.

The price reduction at the pump installed since April 1 could rise from 18 cents to 30 cents (per liter) in September. Economics Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Saturday before the National Assembly.

According to the schedule presented by the minister, the rebate on the fuel price could be raised to 30 cents per liter in September and maintained at that level in October. It would then be reduced to 10 cents in November and December.

This indicates a return to prices of 1.50 euros per liter, the upper limit demanded by the Republicans (LR). “By cumulating the government rebate and adding the oil company’s subsidy totaling 20 cents, we arrive at a 50 cent discount per liter of petrol in September and October,” explained Pierre-Henri Dumont, deputy LR for Pas-de-Calais BFM TV, Saturday.

“We rightly supported this proposal to have fuel for €1.50 because we can get there and the French can thank us for persevering,” said Véronique Louwagie on Saturday after Bruno Le Maire’s statement.

A controversial bill

In the ranks of the opposition, however, this calculation is often called into question.

“Do you know many total stations in rural areas? Extremely rare!” said Charles de Courson (LIOT group).

Before closing: “You can’t add the two together.” Not to mention that the calculations are based on current prices. However, fuel prices could well rise in the coming weeks and months.

For Yves Carra, spokesman for the Automobile Club Association, we have to go further. “The price difference between some stations and supermarkets is 20 cents. We already had a 20 cent discount if we chose our station well,” he began on our antenna. Only a reduction in the taxes levied on fuel will allow him to sustainably reduce the price at the pump.

Finally, this type of measure does not seem to do justice to motorists according to their standard of living. According to a statement by the Council for Economic Analysis, the fuel price discount of 18 centimes that has been in effect since April is more likely to benefit the wealthiest drivers. Thanks to this increase, they saved an average of 18.50 euros a month, compared to 9.50 euros for the most modest.

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