WiFi router: 6 places you shouldn’t put it

Do you have a WiFi router and want a fast internet connection? Avoid placing your device in these 6 places.

WiFi router: 6 places you shouldn't put it

If your router has a good coverageyou can be sure to benefit from a fast internet connection. So if you frequently lose connection or it is slow, you should check it the location of your device. In fact, the location of the house where it is placed affects its range. For this purpose, experts recommend Never place the device in specific locations. Discover them!

A secluded corner of the house

It is difficult for what is in an isolated corner to express itself freely. This is also the case with your router, whose antennas radiate waves horizontally which it divides equally in all directions. So if you place the router in an isolated corner, you cannot benefit from an optimal connection.

On a metal shelf or in a closet

Objects near your router can do the same affect its range. This is even more true when the device is placed on a shelf or anywhere else metal bracket. This material has the property of absorbing radio waves and signals. As a result, you cannot benefit from a fast connection.

Also, the heavy doors of your closet would prevent your router from transmitting its signals properly.

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Behind tall leafy plants

If you have large foliage plants in your home that you water often, Move your router away. In fact, the leaves often hold back the irrigation water and the latter poses a threat to the device’s signal. Its range and speed will be reduced and your connection would be poor.

Near a stained glass window

Near a glass window might be the worst place to put your router. Those who do think that the signal coming from outside is quickly picked up by the router, which could then forward it. Mistake !

While this claim is not entirely false, remember that the electromagnetic waves emitted by your router do not travel linearly. The latter, representing the signal, act as stirred by a fan. So the glasses could be blocking your signal by reflecting it. The same goes for mirrors.

In the basement

No chance ! The basement is a bad place to put your router. It’s not because it has antennae that it sends signals up. Your ceiling is an obstacle to the emission of waves. You will receive one bad connection qualityif there are no frequent cuts.

On the floor behind your computer

This way your router will be hidden. The same applies to your router’s network not working normally. Your computer screen effectively becomes a shield that prevents the waves from spreading. Remember that the waves are meant to be sent out like a fan. As a result, other connected devices receive a weak signal.

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