everyday life. Increases in the Livret A, in the Smic… What will change from August 1st

We’re taking stock of the key changes that will come into effect next Monday.

The Livret A tariff increases to 2 %…

After a historic climb on Janah In February, the reimbursement rate for savings book A received a new boost. For the annual reassessment on January 1 August, increases to 2 % as proposed by the governor of the Banque de France, who is responsible for the semi-annual calculation.

Savings book A has thus reached its highest level since 2011: it was then 2.5 % had then only fallen to a historic low of 0.5 % from 2019 to 2021.

However, this historic rate will not offset inflation, which is measured at 5.8 by INSEE % over a year in France in June.

…and LEP’s at 4.6%

The People’s Savings Account (LEP) is reserved for people whose income does not exceed certain ceilings and will in turn be used from 2.2 % at 4.6 %, again as proposed by the Banque de France.

minimum wage from 1329 monthly euros net

Not only savings account A benefits from an increase of 2 %: The minimum wage is also affected, automatically boosted by inflation in June. In addition to the annual reassessment of the 1 On January 1st, the minimum wage will be increased during the year by the amount of inflation for the 20th % of households with the lowest income if this exceeds 2 % compared to the last increase.

Inflation has reached 2.01 % is the monthly minimum wage for a full-time job.from 1 302.64 euros to 1 329.06 Euronet, the Department of Labor said. The hourly minimum wage changesfrom 8.58 euros at 8.76 Euro“.

This is the fourth increase in the Smic in less than a year, the last being on the 1st May up 2.65 %.

+3.5 % on civil servants’ payslips, but not immediately…

Patience for 5.7 million officials: the increase by 3.5 % of their index point will not be visible on their July payslip. For logistical reasons, the change will only be visible from August, but retrospectively.

For example, this wage increase should result in a monthly increase of 45 euros for a welcome agent at the beginning of his career.

Discount at the pump is developing

The government loves extensions: According to the tariff sign, it is the discount at the pump of 18 cents that benefits from a grace period. Although it was due to end at the end of July, it is finally being maintained, increasing from 18 to 30 centimes per liter in September and October for two months before falling to 10 centimes in November and December.

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The Scientific Council no longer exists

This Sunday, July 31, also ends the health emergency, which allows the government to take coercive measures such as travel restrictions or the introduction of measuring devices in public facilities, and therefore the disappearance of the scientific council.

The latter currently has no official successor, but could soon be replaced by a new monitoring, anticipation and advisory body in the face of new health crises.

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