Liquidation of Geoxia: the anger of owners whose house is not finished

Élise and Damien are worried about their recently started house project in Mesnil-Raoul (Seine-Maritime) after the Geoxia group went into liquidation.
Élise and Damien are worried about their recently started house project in Mesnil-Raoul (Seine-Maritime) after the Geoxia group went into liquidation. (© Isabelle Villy)

That judicial liquidation of Geoxiagroup behind Phoenix houses, beaver house and family housewas pronounced at the end of June 2022. A blow for the employees of the company, but also for many owners who have started work on their homeswithout knowing if they can be completed.

construction stops

“With great emotion the last page of the book has just been written… The Commercial Court of Versailles delivered its judgment today and ordered the liquidation of the Geoxia Group. In 76 years, we have passionately supported hundreds of thousands of families in building their houses. Thank you for your trust. We know that the story is far from over 3,600 customers and we will endeavor to allow legal representatives and guarantors to continue construction. Employees of Maison Familiale, Geoxia Group”…

Customers received confirmation through this message, sent on June 28, 2022 via social networks on their Facebook page their construction project failed or that it could be severely delayed… with all that financial problems that this bodes well.

A first contact via social networks

This is the case of Élise and Damien Votte, tempted by an offer published on Facebook by the construction company Maison Familiale, Geoxia Group, for land and a house in the city Mesnil-Raoul, near Rouen (Seine-Maritime). Today they are disappointed to find that only the shell of their house has been built and they are wondering how their project should continue. “I just liked an ad posted on Facebook and a seller contacted me straight away,” Damien recalls.

Things were set in motion and when they planned to have the building built so that their children would have space and a garden, they didn’t hesitate for long. “We are currently renting in Grand-Quevilly. We already had a first project to build, but we were not granted the loan. Suddenly we said to each other that this time it was for the good,” continues Élise, who tries to keep smiling but deep down is worried about the months to come.

Repay the loan and pay the rent at the same time?

Indeed, how will they behave in a few months when it comes to that repay the loan Real estate when the house is far from finished and there is still rent to be paid?

When signing a home loan a meeting called for the completion of the work and, moreover, the people who took out this loan must start repaying it. Questions we can understand causing insomnia for the couple. Especially since Élise and Damien have already started paying every month, preliminary feesthese costs, which all future builders know and which are due until the last call by the builder, when the house is completed and the keys are handed over.

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This obviously does not apply to this couple, who see with melancholy how all the other houses in the housing estate around their property are being built in a hurry, and some are already occupied.

We were unlucky, we chose the wrong manufacturer.

Elise Vote

The “Project of Life”

And moreover, once the site opens in 2021, Incidents have already occurred when changing the labor inspectorate. “We had three different ones right from the start,” says the couple, who were unlucky when they arrived Pandemic which slowed down the work, then more recently the problems of supplying raw materials, the consequences of the war in Ukraine …

As a result, the construction site was delayed until the day Émilie and Damien, like many other Geoxia customers, learned that the contractor was placed under receivership. Cold shower for the couple who risked everything here “Project for Life”.

Deadline for the couple: 2023

Today, you have one more year hoping that their construction will be complete: 2023, that is actually the date the house is supposed to be finished and by that time they have to meet their repayment deadlines. “I don’t think so, the time is far too short,” fears the young woman. Your only hope: qthat the insurance takes the situation into account and that they don’t lose too much money in the deal.

The insurance promise…

But then again, they know they’re not alone in this situation, and right now it’s the most complete blur. “We no longer have contact with the manufacturer. We only have the insurer Imhotep,” the couple state.

The company provides information on its Facebook page Imhotep Insurance Also points out: “Following the decision to liquidate Geoxia Maisons Individuals, Imhotep Assurances is doing everything possible to ensure delivery in the best possible conditions”. Any reason to hope things work out for Émilie and Damien? The future will tell and we will not fail to update you on the consequences of this file, which is causing confusion and concern for many people.

Imhotep also belongs to Geoxia

Me William Berton is a lawyer registered with the Strasbourg Bar. He is particularly active in the area of ​​construction law. For him, the Geoxia case is unique in that many customers benefit from a delivery guarantee from one company, Imhotep. which belongs to the same group as the constructor.

“These are often separate activities. So if your client goes bankrupt, an insurer will take care of the rest of the work. We lose interest if its liquidity depends on the same group as the manufacturer, the lawyer develops. In my opinion, Geoxia has circumvented the spirit of the legislation somewhat, with their own insurer, which has nevertheless been approved. »

However, the financial capabilities of Imhotep Assurances raise questions. The trade magazine reveals that the company would be missing more than 50 million euros to complete the work it has provided under the completion guarantee The Argus of Insurancein an article dated July 7, 2022.

“There is no reason to doubt the guarantees at this point in time”

However, “we mustn’t panic too much either,” Me Berton said. “There are rumors, but the temporary administrator [nommé à la tête d’Imhotep Assurances par l’Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution, chargée de la surveillance de l’activité des banques et des assurances, NDLR] was quite reassuring in his last statements. There is no reason to doubt the guarantees at this point. »

If their website has been stopped, customers need to “start again”. contact your insurer and ask them to intervene by registered mail, that’s the most important thing,” explains the lawyer. The individual home construction contract states that the insurer will “complete the construction at the agreed price and time”.

“If there are additional costs, the insurer pays them,” stresses Me Berton. Although “there is usually a deductible of 5% of the construction costs which customers have to pay”. In addition, if the deadline is exceeded, “surcharges for late payment can be requested from the insurer,” according to the lawyer.

“Should the insurer really not come forward or refuse to take over, it would be necessary to go to court to provide the punishable benefits,” the lawyer concludes.

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