Val-d’Oise: A customer spots a lizard on her McDonald’s menu and is suing the brand

In February 2021, the young woman discovered a lizard in her sandwich. More than a year later, she decided to sue the American fast food giant.

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Very bad surprise. By ordering a sandwich, a “Big Tasty”, via the Uber Eats app, at Mcdonalds,On February 12, 2021, a customer at the fast food restaurant in Saint-Witz (Val-d’Oise) spotted … a lizard, he reported The Parisian Sunday 24th July. “I felt like there was something strange there. I opened it and found a crushed lizard with entrails sticking out. It was well coated in sauce, the chef must have seen it.”She explains.

That same evening, she apparently returns to the restaurant to demand accountability.I got the impression that they weren’t surprised at all, the chef was behind and didn’t come to us at any point. The manager was not there”she tells him Parisians.

He is offered a deal: 10% off his next meal. An employee also asks to have the lizard burger returned, a request the customer refuses. A little later, a manager of the sign finally offered him an agreement with their insurance company. “It means they realize there was a problem, I wanted them to apologize first of all.”She says.

The client has since contacted a lawyer, who issued a direct subpoena for the American giant to appear in court for endangering the lives of others. The hearing will take place in February 2023 at the Pontoise (Val-d’Oise) court. Contacted by The Parisianthe agency responsible for communicating the brand ensures that a “At the time of events, in February 2021, an internal investigation was immediately launched. No violations were found.”. “Food quality and safety are the brand’s priorities and therefore numerous audits and controls are carried out throughout the preparation of our menus, reminded the agencyboth with our suppliers and within the company.”

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