She finds a lizard in a McDonald’s burger

It’s a funny discovery, but not at all funny, that a woman made while biting into her burger: when she felt something strange under her tooth, she was amazed to see a lizard above the patty, from the McDonald’s kitchen in Saint-Witz (Val-d’Oise).

The story is told by The Parisian, and was confirmed to us by the victim’s attorney. “My customer ordered her burger in February 2021 via an app from McDonald’s. She bit into the sandwich and discovered the lizard inside. She returned to the restaurant for an explanation, but only received a proposal for meager compensation, ”explains Me Frédérick Petipermon over the phone. Or a 10% discount on his next meal, according to the newspaper.

According to McDo, the investigation “has revealed no non-compliance”

How the story goes The Parisian, this 30-year-old mother was nauseous the next morning and was treated with antibiotics by her doctor. But most of all she was afraid for her child, whom she was breastfeeding.

Me Frédérick Petipermon declares that he has taken the general direction of suppressing fraud and that he has only received a simple “acknowledgment of receipt”. McDonald’s is investigating, but the brand says they have been contacted The Parisian“this has not resulted in any violation”.

The victim now felt enough “anger,” according to his attorney, to go to court after all of this to see “whether a person placed the lizard voluntarily or whether someone who should have checked on its absence didn’t.” . The complaint was filed last year and the hearing will take place in Pontoise (Val-d’Oise) in February 2023, according to his lawyer.

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