VIDEO TESTIMONY. Disturbed customers after the judicial liquidation of the Phénix houses and construction freeze: “We will not reimburse anything for several years”

The Phénix house builder, which started in 1946, was put into receivership on June 28, 2022. Around 1,600 construction sites are idle and several thousand disillusioned customers. A couple from Picards who had just paid a deposit commented on us. Transcript.

It was the ideal place: a gazebo with a garden in Cappy, in the heart of the Somme and above all halfway between their two jobs.

In 2021, Pauline Paquentin and Thomas Koczorowski buy a house from the Phénix daughter for 220,000 euros and plan some insulation work: We wanted to change the joinery because it’s still single glazing. We wanted to go through Phénix Évolution because they were in the best position to get the job done. […] We were able to transfer a 30% deposit on May 17th. Unfortunately, we learned a few days later that the company was placed under receivership.Geoxia, owner of the construction company Phénix, went into forced liquidation on June 28th.

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A few days after paying the bail, the couple found out about the judicial liquidation.

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For Thomas and Pauline, who paid 37,000 euros, it’s a cold shower. “For us, the Geoxia group was something valuable. We didn’t even question the health of the group. Unfortunately, we found out too late that things weren’t going so well anymore.‘ the couple complained.

In the 1970s and 1980s, Maisons Phénix was the undisputed leader in single-family homes, a symbol of access to property at the time. The Covid crisis and the increase in raw material prices caused by the war in Ukraine made things difficult for the group. No buyer has positioned himself. The group employed almost 1,150 people.

Since the announcement of the liquidation, the Geoxia Group can no longer be reached. In a press release, he explains his defeat with the double effect of the pandemic and inflation, plus the state’s refusal to grant him a guaranteed loan.

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Press release from the Geoxia Group

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Consumer associations are sounding the alarm. Aggrieved customers must contact the court’s insolvency administrator, but there is little hope. “The priority creditors are the tax authorities, Urssaf, employees. Customers will follow if there is still liquidity, which is not certain“, explains Karine Merlette, legal mediator CLCV – Oise. The procedures could last “several years“before reaching, and this,”with no guarantee of results“.

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This situation is a cause for concern for consumer associations.

© Grégoire Alcalay and Dounia Sirri / FTV

Total in France Almost 1,600 construction sites were shut down and stopped This puts 3,500 people in a dead end.

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