Supermarkets: watch out for cash register traps, you pay twice

Like most French people, you are used to shopping in the supermarket. Unfortunately, we received bad news a few days ago. Some stores will inflate your receipt, you have to be very careful. Don’t worry, the Objeko editorial team will tell you all about it. Are you ready ?

Watch out for traps on receipts

When we go shopping, we often look at promotions. It is normal. With inflation ramping up in France, we want to do everything we can to pay less. Unfortunately, sometimes the promos are fake. In fact, in supermarkets, all techniques are good to encourage you to consume more. And most importantly, much more expensive to buy. And the least we can say is that the methods are well developed. If you don’t find out beforehand, you can easily fall into the trap.

what are we talking about Well, when we write Objeko, we think in particular of the famous marketing formula 3 x 2. For example, this is a 33.33% reduction on a grocery product. It encourages customers to buy more than they need. And that, of course, drives up the price. The same applies to the 2 x 1 technique, which can also be called false advertising. But how do you avoid these pitfalls? We’ll see about that in a moment.

How to protect yourself from these pitfalls?

As we have already told you, the Objeko editorial team will tell you how to protect yourself. The first thing to remember is that all the items you see are there to encourage you to spend more. Therefore, avoid reading posters that are too seductive. In fact, it is necessary to be extremely vigilant when you are in a store. Otherwise, you could buy a product that looks cheap at first glance but is of no use to you.

We also recommend that you make a list of the products and quantities you need before you go to the supermarket. Making a list always allows you not to come out of it too badly. But obviously, if and only if, follow it to the letter. Otherwise it’s not worth it. You can also set a starting budget. This will encourage you not to take more than planned. High vigilance is always the best solution.

The end of revenue in 2023

A page that turns. From the beginning of 2023, the paper receipt will no longer be automatically printed in France. And the law applies from January 1st. From now on, if you want to receive the small piece of paper at the cash register, you have to ask for it. The new law is part of an approach against waste and the circular economy. According to estimates, 30 billion receipts would be saved in the country in one year. Not bad, right?

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