Mark Zuckerberg, king of real estate appraisals

He probably didn’t need that to make ends meet… According to the American press and particularly real estate site The Real Deal, Mark Zuckerberg parted with one of his properties in San Francisco for the princely sum of 31 million dollars (30.6 Million Euros). This “off market” sale is the biggest sale of the year so far in a city known for its thriving real estate market (and the many champion tech companies that are based there). to have). It’s mostly a nice real estate coup by the boss of Meta, who bought this property in the Dolores Heights neighborhood for $10 million in November 2012.


Admittedly the contractor did significant work on site. According to work permit applications, the property, which now has 700m² of living space, has seen additions to the first three levels and legalization of the fourth and last level. Without adding a bathroom, creating a roof terrace and renovating the kitchen and six bathrooms. And to top it off, Mark Zuckerberg had air conditioning and a sprinkler system installed, not to mention reinforced foundations. Small works that deserve a tripling of this property built in 1928.

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And why did the head of Meta cede that residence to a Delaware-based company? According to the American media, the grafting with the Kiez would never have taken place. No fewer than six complaints about dust, noise and parking problems were filed during work on his property. And the end of the site didn’t result in a truce, as neighborhoods continued to complain, believing the billionaire’s security staff had reserved the best parking spots in the neighborhood. Hiccups leading some observers to say Mark Zuckerberg might prefer the quiet of a more reclusive life.

The family man is spoiled for choice: he can retire with his wife and two children to the paradise island of Kauai (on the Hawaiian archipelago), where he owns almost 600 hectares after successive acquisitions. Not to mention the two adjoining homes purchased before the pandemic on the shores of Lake Tahoe in Nevada.

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