Fuel: This supermarket announces the return of the “cost price”, starting Thursday evening for the crossover weekend

In the face of rising fuel prices, brands are multiplying seduction operations. While Total tries to match the pump price at certain stations, supermarkets have also developed their own technology. This is how casino will offer full for €0.85 per liter throughout the summer. Leclerc has decided to renew the operation “cost price”. And that between July 28th and 30th, 2022.

Fuels: good news for motorists

In this time when it is costing us more and more to fill up, it is always a pleasure to hear about a price drop. Indeed, Leclerc is offering a discount starting Thursday evening, July 28, 2022 fuel prices.

Dubbed the “Cost Prize,” this operation will continue throughout the crossover weekend. That is, until July 30th. To the announce the good newsthe group led by Michel-Edouard Leclerc issued a statement on Monday, July 25, 2022.

“In order to protect the purchasing power of the French, E. Leclerc announces that fuel will again be offered at cost at its 696 stations,” states the brand.

This good news was unfortunately accompanied by a bad one. In fact, the brand has also warned its customers that this operation may be the last of its kind.

“Despite inflation and rising energy prices, one climate law measure includes the ban on advertising for fossil fuels from August 22,” the brand concludes.

Total lowers its gas prices

Leclerc isn’t the only brand out there lowered the price at the pump. TotalEnergies has also reduced its own. Against the background of extraordinarily high fuel prices, the oil giant is trying to attract motorists. So he announced a discount the fuels purchased within its highway stations.

Since July, the reduction has been 12 cents. However, the oil giant is studying the possibility of bringing this reduction to 20 euro cents per liter. This review should be done at the beginning of the school year. That is, from 1.9 next.

The government has not neglected the efforts of TotalEnergies. Nevertheless, some communities regret this This discount is not valid than on the freeway network. In fact, gas stations are located off the highways are not affected through these operations.

The French oil company has at least indicated that this will change soon. Between September and November, motorists can take advantage of the discount at all petrol stations in the group. Of course this discount accumulated with the 18 cents per liter granted by the state.

Casino offers refueling for €0.85 per liter

In addition to TotalEnergies and Leclerc, Casino has also come up with something to encourage you to refuel. To do this, the brand offers one of them refuel for €0.85 per liter. Of course, this happens under certain conditions.

In order to claim this offer, you would logically have to go to a casino shop. This process takes place on specific dates. It happens often on the weekends and holidays. See you at the casino when the time is right. When you are there, don’t expect to come and fill up and come home when you paid 0.85 euros per liter for your fuel.

You need to spend money to take advantage of this offer up to 120 euros in the supermarket. The discount will be exchanged at reception for proof of your expenses incurred that day. If you have purchased the right to use this offer, remember that the authorized volume for this “full” is 40 liters. Beyond this limit you have to pay at prices without promotion.

Finally, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire, made an impression this weekend in the National Assembly. Indeed, the Bercy tenant has conjured up a scenario that could lead us to a price of 1.50 euros per liter in the next school year. Even if it seems far-fetched, we only ask that you believe it! A miracle is always possible.

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