“Hundreds of thousands” of companies have committed to reducing their energy consumption this winter

While the Council of the European Union approved a plan to reduce gas consumption on Tuesday, traders want to avoid blackouts this winter.

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It’s a movement that’s gaining momentum. From the hypermarket to the small prêt-à-porter retailer, these are everything “Hundreds of thousands of companies” of trade, which on Tuesday 26 July, through the voice of two major professional associations, committed themselves to reducing their energy consumption in order to avoid cuts this winter and in the long term.

Monday, This was announced by the French trade association Large specialty retail chains had agreed to join the store distribution actors’ protocol to reduce store energy consumption.

“We must all act responsibly and civilly together”appreciated on Tuesday the president of the Perifem federation, which brings together all the distribution actors to act on energy or environmental issues, Thierry Cotillard.

After announcement in mid-July “joint and concrete actions”be implemented from October 15 to deal with that “Risk of Power Outages” This winter Perifem brought with it many associations of traders representing overall “hundreds of thousands” of shops.

Shopping malls, large retailers, toy or clothing, sports or DIY, e-tailers… The companies represented in the CdCF (French Trade Council) and CDF (France’s Confederation of Merchants, representing the independents). are pledging to cut their energy consumption, while Emmanuel Macron announced on July 14 that the state was preparing an energy “sobering plan” to manage the risk of shortages related to the war in Ukraine.

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