Here are the best-selling products in supermarkets in 2022

The data analysis specialist NielsenIQ examined the turnover of the brands in the brands of retail trade. He thus established a classification of the products most bought by the French in the first six months of 2022. And the results are sometimes Great ! The references that seduce the French are very, moreover diversified.

Of all consumer goods, these are again the beverages that stand out, with 10 drinks in the top 10 places‘ emphasized NielsenIQ. At the top of the leaderboard? The one liter bottle of Richard, which brought the company 126.8 million euros. Second is the pack crystalline of 1.5 liters then the bottle of Coke 1.5 liters. NielsenIQ states that it is a ” Pedestal unchanged » compared to 2021.

Ricard, Nutella, Volvic are among the favorite products of the French

Other beverage brands topped the rankings. The beers Heineken and Desperados, the mineral waters Volvic and Hépar or William Peel whiskey are among them top 10 best selling products in France. In non-beverage products is the big winner Nutella. The one-kilo jar of the famous spread takes that first place Ranking, like last year.

On the other hand, the change pedestal compared to 2021 with New Products that occur. Cheese mood of the gods 300 grams now weighs second. The Nutella jar follows with 825 grams. Both see their position in this ranking as higher than in the previous year.

What stands out in the ranking is the product variety that make up this top 10. So sweet butter president of 250 grams then the pack with three cans of coffee black card of 250 grams are among the most bought by the French. cat litter Katsan of 10 liters comes in sixth place, followed by two references of toilet paper lotus. Both food and non-food products have their place in the classification.

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To wrap up this top 10, a lettuce reference sodebo as well as a product herta Place in the ranking of the best-selling products in France, excluding drinks. NielsenIQ adds that every second reference has seen theirs drop in sales in the first half of 2022. Also, 16 products from the 2021 Top 100 are no longer in the 2022 Top 100. The data analytics firm notes that last year’s Top 100 ” is not spared from the difficulties a harsh environment. »

This ranking is published in a specific context, marked by inflation. In fact, the addition to the receipt in supermarkets continues to increase. The Nielsen company also made the list of products that will be there Most Affected by inflation in the coming months. those are 100% of the categories of consumer goods affected by inflation.

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