Fuel: The transport bonus for employees increases to 400 euros

Prices at the pump have returned to March 2022 levels.
The travel allowance for employees who drive to work in their private vehicle will be doubled. (©Illustration Fabien Hisbacq – News Occitanie)

This is one of the measures that complete the Purchasing Power Law passed by MPs at the end of the week. The doubling of the promotion bonus, which will increase from 200 to 400 euroswas approved by MPs during the first reading vote on the 2022 Budget Amending Bill on Tuesday night to Wednesday 27 July.

This vote is in line with the proposal made by Elisabeth Borne last Thursday, who wanted to submit an extra boost for employees who, given current fuel prices, use their private vehicle to get to work.

More employees affected

As we have already indicated, this annual bonus must be now extent for “any worker who incurs fuel costs or the cost of providing electric, rechargeable hybrid or hydrogen vehicles for travel between their usual place of residence and their place of work”.

She was ready reserved to employees located outside of Île-de-France or from an urban area, or to employees whose working hours prevent them from using public transport.

As the amendment tabled by MoDem MP Mohamed Laqhila states:

“The benefits of this system are only available to workers residing in communities not served by a regular public transit service or an employer-established private service, and to those for whom the use of a personal vehicle is essential due to special work hours conditions, who do not allow the use of a collective means of transport. »

“That corresponds to a discount of almost 50 cents”

It will be possible to combine it with the management of the public transport subscription, Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Friday.

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The increase in this transport premium, which is paid by companies that cover all or part of their employees’ fuel costs, was provided for in the previous versions of the Purchasing Power Act, but eventually disappeared from the amended financing law, recalls theAFPquoted by several colleagues.

On Thursday 21 July, in an interview with the EBRA group newspapers, the Prime Minister indicated that she wanted to pass this help tax exempt Companies to their employees with 400 euros instead of the current 200 euros.

“The philosophy is Protection of the purchasing power of all French people for fuel at the beginning of the school yearand that the companies then take over,” she explained, specifying that this corresponds to “a discount of almost 50 centimes at the pump for an employee who travels 12,000 kilometers a year” .

Other measures voted

In the context of this vote, the deputies also voted in favour increasing the discount from 18 cents per liter of fuelwhich will be gradually replaced by a fuel flat rate from 01.01ah October.

In September and October it is 30 cents per liter, then 10 cents by the end of the year.

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