Is the Amazon Prime subscription still worth it at 70 euros?

Amazon Prime will increase its price starting September 15th. But with priority deliveries, a video, music and e-book service, subscribers should still save money.

It’s an email that has upset many customers. On July 26, Amazon Prime subscribers noticed that the price of the e-commerce giant’s service would increase. From September 15, 69.90 euros per year or 6.99 euros per month will be charged, compared to the current 49 euros or 5.99 euros.

But Amazon Prime isn’t just about priority delivery of your online purchases. Subscription gives you access to Prime Video to watch movies and series, Amazon Music Prime to listen to songs, or Prime Gaming to get video games every month and subscribe to a streamer on Twitch.

So BFMTV does the math to figure out if the service is still worth it despite its price increase, depending on your Amazon Prime usage.

  • I shop online

First scenario, Amazon Prime only serves you in the context of e-commerce. With your subscription you get free priority delivery. This option costs 7.99 euros for non-Amazon Prime subscribers. Despite the price increase, the annual subscription is interesting from nine purchases a year. With a monthly subscription, you would have to checkout twice a month to see a profit.

  • I watch series and movies on Prime Video

Prime Video is the cheapest on-demand video platform out there. The main competitors Netflix and Disney + issue a ticket for 8.99 euros per month. That’s two euros more than the monthly Amazon Prime subscription. Calculated over the year, you earn 24 euros, with an annual subscription even 37.98 euros. Of course, this calculation does not take into account the exclusivity of the respective platforms, only access to a streaming service.

  • I read digital books on my tablet

The Amazon Prime subscription is also Prime Reading. This service makes books available in digital form to all Kindle tablet owners. With more than a thousand novels, detective stories and thrillers, Amazon saves between 0.99 and 7.99 euros per book with its offer. At a low average price of €2.99, Amazon Prime will refund your subscription once you’ve read 24 books, which is two a month. We must also take into account the newer versions, which have a higher purchase price and therefore automatically reduce the number of readings before reaching a certain profitability.

  • I listen to streaming music

With Amazon Music Prime it is possible to listen to a catalog of two million tracks included in the Amazon Prime subscription. Despite having hundreds of playlists or an offline mode to download the songs on its app, the offering struggles to compete with the paid version of the Amazon Music Unlimited service. This offer, which is not included in Amazon Prime, increases the number of titles available in HD quality for 9.99 euros (like Spotify or Deezer) per month to 90 million. So this service is an added benefit, but not a selling point to get involved with Amazon Prime.

  • I play video games and watch Twitch

Last reason for subscribing to Amazon Prime, access to Prime Gaming. This service for gamers offers monthly video games. Four games will be offered in July for a total purchase price of EUR 72.46. Or more than the Amazon Prime annual subscription after its price increase to 69.90 euros. In addition, the annual Prime Days offers and promotions on July 12th and 13th allowed the collection of 30 additional titles for free.

Finally, Prime Gaming allows Twitch viewers to endorse one creator each month. All Amazon Prime subscribers are thus offered a subscription to a channel on the live streaming platform. This saves 3.99 euros a month or 47.88 euros a year.

  • I use Amazon Prime as often as possible

Let’s take the example of a person who wants to use their subscription for a month. He shops at Amazon with priority shipping (7.99 euros), watches a few films and a series (6.99 euros), reads a book in Kindle format (2.99 euros), supports his favorite streamer ( 3.99 euros) and collects two of them games that are offered through Prime Gaming (about 20 euros). The savings achieved are 41.96 euros.

On paper, therefore, Amazon Prime offers access to a wide range of services. However, you must consider your own usage before subscribing to the service. But as our example shows, the greediest users will continue to pay off their subscription in a few weeks.

Kaddouri Ismail

I am Ismail from Morocco, I work as a blogger and online marketer. I am also the founder of the “Mofid” site, in which I constantly publish many important articles in the field of technology, taking advantage of more than 5 years of experience working in the field. I focus on publishing in a group of areas, the most important of which are programming, e-marketing, digital currencies and freelance work.

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