Purchasing power: Towards an increase in the upper limit for restaurant vouchers to 25 euros

The daily limit for restaurant tickets will be increased to 25 euros.
The daily limit for restaurant tickets will be increased to 25 euros. (©Martin Leduc / Actu.fr)

38 euros, 19 euros and soon 25 euros? In the context of of the Financial Amendment Act Adopted in the National Assembly on Tuesday night, July 27, several measures were taken restaurant vouchers.

among them, the possibility of increasing the daily limit to 25 euros from September 1st, today for 19 euros.

“It’s a good suggestion”

On Friday July 22nd, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire gave his approval to this proposal to increase it by 6 euros, made jointly by the LR deputies, socialists and environmentalists.

In these difficult times for our compatriots, I want to make life less expensive, so I’m ready to raise the ceiling from 19 to 25 euros. It is a good proposal from LR, socialist and environmentally conscious MEPs and I accept it.

Mayor BrunoEconomy Minister

“We will increase the ceiling of the restaurant card from 19 to 25 euros,” concluded the Bercy tenant, stressing that this decision was taken through “regulatory channels” and not through “legislative channels”. In other words, it will be up to the government to legislate on this issue by decree.

Contacted by news.frthe Ministry of Economy has not yet responded.

What about weekends and holidays?

Bertrand Dumazy, the CEO of Edenred, publisher of Tickets Restaurant, reassured our colleagues this Wednesday BFM TVthat “the ceiling would rise a priori for 25 euros”. As for the use of these titles on weekends and public holidays, a provision that was repealed on July 1, the government doesn’t seem to be coming back:

“You have to remember that this program is a social benefit for the employee and must be used for catering at the workplace,” stressed Bertrand Dumazy.

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At 19 euros since July 1st

In June 2020, in the midst of a health crisis, restaurant vouchers were capped at 38 euros to support restaurateurs, with the possibility of using them on weekends and public holidays, which was not the case before.

Since July 1, the upper limit has fallen again to 19 euros. A choice justified by the end of sanitary closures of establishments, Bercy told us.

Increase in tax exemptions

However, MEPs adopted an amendment aimed at increasing the tax and social relief for employers who finance restaurant vouchers by 4% (thus increasing the ceiling from €5.69 to €5.92). And that from September 1st, while the measure was originally planned for January 1st, 2023.

On this subject, the Economics Minister pointed out: “The goal is indeed to support the purchasing power of the employed”.

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