Caselani revives the 2CV Fourgonnette based on the Citroën Berlingo

After converting the large Citroën vans into Type H, coachbuilder Caselani announces a kit that gives the Berlingo a 2CV van look. This is marketed under official license from Citroën, which gave the green light to the project.



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Bodybuilder Caselani announces a 2CV van kit for the Citroën Berlingo.


Caselani will strike again. Since 2017, the Italian coachbuilder has been designing kits to give the brand’s vans a neo-retro look of the Citroën Type H with chevrons. And he markets them under official license. The company tackled the big Jumper first before expanding the concept to the Jumpy and Spacetourer. Also with several variants: motorhome, food truck, flatbed… Caselani now announces its reinterpretation of the Citroën 2CV Fourgonnette.

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Citroën 2CV Transporter

The van version of the Citroën 2CV was the delight of many craftsmen.


A Berlingo with a retro flavor

Rounded front end, round headlights detached from the body and flanks with a corrugated iron look can be guessed as a on the only image published by Caselani teasers The company therefore comes from a segment and will use for its next creation the current Citroën Berlingo, based on the modular architecture CMP of the Stellantis Group (PSA side).

A Citroën approved 2CV kit

The 2CV Van kit for Berlingo has been in the works at Caselani for some time. Its design was validated last spring by Citroën’s style department, an official license committed, it can now be materialized. Like the Type H models and like the standard Berlingo, the vehicle is to be offered with a 100% electric motor. It remains to be seen if it will be the only one available in France, as is the case in the Citroën catalogue, or if we must also reckon with thermals on the menu. The “Berlingo Fourgonnette” could only be marketed in use as the 2CV paneled in its time, but again this has yet to be confirmed.

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Citroen Type H Caselani

Caselani already offers type H kits for large Citroën vans.



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