Camaïeu asks for his placement in receivership

This Wednesday, July 27, the Commercial Court of the Metropolitan City of Lille will examine the application for placement in receivership submitted by the management of Camaïeu. The womenswear brand declared itself in “suspended payments” on Monday, July 25, almost two years after its recovery in August 2020, outside the court bar by the Financière immobilière bordelaise, a company owned by Bordeaux businessman Michel Ohayon, Agence France reveals -Press.

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The Roubaix (North) company confirms this World to have “applied for the opening of bankruptcy proceedings with a business continuity plan at the Commercial Court of Lille”. This request would be motivated by “an acceleration of the company’s difficulties” and aims to ” maintain [sa] Sustainability “‘ said a spokesman.

According to our information, at the end of June, the Commercial Court of Lille received for the first time an application for receivership submitted by several of Camaïeu’s creditors. Among them are mall managers who have faced unpaid rent for months. The judges had dismissed her application, but then opened a preliminary procedure to quantify the company’s debts.

One of the largest employers

According to union sources, Camaïeu would no longer pay rent for almost half of its 517 stores operating in France. Since March, the CGT, a minority union within the company, has been arguing for a right to an economic alert to be voted on at the Social and Economic Committee. In vain, lack of majority. These elected officials particularly feared that the brand would be forced to continue “on layoffs after shops close” Controversial or intentionally not renewed leases by landlords who are now cautious.

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Apparently, the opening of these receivership proceedings before the Commercial Court and the submission of a business continuity plan by Financière immobilière bordelaise opens a new period of uncertainty for the brand, one of the largest employers in the sector: it has around 2,600 employees. Especially since the clothing market is still struggling.

In our June 25 columns, Wilhelm Hübner, President of Hermione People & Brands, pole of the 1,098 stores of Michel Ohayon’s group, operating under the brands Galeries Lafayette, Camaïeu, Gap, La Grande Récré and Go Sport, left the Risk of insolvency is eliminated. However, this former Auchan had admitted that a “Sales of less than 300 million euros in 2021” banned Camaïeu from returning to profitability before 2023.

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