Fuel rebate: what is the new amount and what dates will it be implemented?

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This is good news for motorists whose fuel budget exploded in 2022. The government and LR deputies found a compromise to increase the fuel discount as part of the vote on the Purchasing Power Act. Originally set at 18 cents, this subsidy has increased significantly in amount and can be added in particular to the 20 cent rebate granted by TotalEnergies.

What is the new fuel discount? When will it be implemented? Until when is it valid? Which fuels are affected by the discount? How much will it cost the state budget? We tell you all about the new fuel rebate approved by the National Assembly in 2022 and yet to be confirmed by the Senate.

What is the new amount?

Initially set at 18 cents, the amount of the tank discount increases to 30 cents in the purchasing power calculation. However, this measure is temporary at the time of writing these lines.

The discount is initially 30 cents, but then only has to be increased to 10 cents.

On which days will the fuel discount be introduced?

The new tank discount will apply from September 2022.

An amount of 30 cents must therefore be deducted from the fuel price at the pump. This discount is valid until the end of October 2022.

The tank discount of 10 cents will then be introduced in November and December.

The fuels concerned

The new fuel rebate, increased to 30 cents, will be applied automatically by petrol stations and applies to multiple fuels.

Diesel (or gas oil) is affected as well as petrol (unleaded 95 and unleaded 98 E5 or SP95-E10), bioethanol E85 and LPG.

The tank discount therefore applies to almost all drivers.

What is the total fuel discount?

If we add the discount of the state and that of TotalEnergies, the amount of which is fixed at 20 cents, we get a 50 cent discount on the price of fuel in Total brand gas stations in September and October. In the words of Bruno Le Maire, this would therefore bring “fuel for €1.5” at certain petrol stations.

However, this depends on the fuel price without discounts and is mainly temporary. From November, when the state rebate will be increased to 10 cents, the total rebate should not exceed 30 cents. Unless TotalEnergies offers a more generous discount.

How much will it cost the state?

Among the opposition’s proposals to the government, we find in particular a fuel price freeze at €1.5.

For Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire, this would “mean an expenditure of 50 billion euros for the state, more than the budget of the Ministry of Ecological Transition”. There is no question of the government giving in on this point. The latter have reached an agreement with the LR deputies, which enables the implementation of the new fuel discount of 30 cents instead of 10 cents.

According to Bercy, the costs for this measure in the budget are to be set at 4.4 billion euros.

In summary

30 cents. This is the increased amount of the fuel rebate granted by the government. This new rebate, intended to improve the purchasing power of the French, must be introduced in September and October before rising to ten centimes in November and December. However, the Senate must vote on this discount before it can be applied.

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