Lost luggage: More and more holidaymakers are opting for trackers to geolocate their suitcases

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While tens of thousands of bags have been lost since the beginning of July, holidaymakers are increasingly opting for suitcase locators. These small devices allow luggage to be geolocated to give you a better chance of finding it.

But where is my suitcase? You may have asked yourself this question after you lost your luggage on a flight. To respond to this, more and more users are installing tracers on their suitcases.

Tens of thousands of users have lost their luggage since the beginning of July. According to RTL, 35,000 suitcases were lost at Roissy Airport in Paris. Record figures generated in particular by the massive mobilization of employees at Paris airports. A new strike has just started, this time at Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport on Tuesday 26 July.

These wage disruptions have resulted in multiple flight cancellations and baggage handling failures. But this phenomenon is not only French. In fact, London’s Heathrow Airport has recently been hit, as have Australian companies.

LOTS of luggage piled up at Heathrow! I’m glad my bag wasn’t under that mountain. pic.twitter.com/5IqOBH8UL4

— Lebby Eyres (@LebbyE) June 18, 2022

Geolocate your suitcases

In view of the increased risk of losing the suitcase, holidaymakers resort to tracers on a massive scale. These devices allow luggage to be geolocated in the hope of finding it again quickly.

This travel accessory is on the way to becoming a real must-have for carefree holidays. The principle is simple: this small object in the shape of a pebble fits in any luggage and works thanks to an application. In fact, you only have to connect the tracker to your smartphone to be able to follow its trajectory. Many products are currently available on the market at prices typically around thirty euros.

Among them, Apple Airtags are already very successful. This system, marketed by the American giant, is only compatible with Iphone or Ipad. All the user has to do is trigger their tracker’s “Lost” mode and their geolocation will be activated via Bluetooth.

The Apple system stands out from the rest because when the alarm goes off, all iPhone users in the vicinity of the beacon can be notified of the loss of their luggage. Goal: to organize the return transport of the lost suitcase more quickly by contacting Apple users and not directly to companies with sometimes very long delays.

Prioritize hand luggage

To avoid the massive loss of suitcases, the company Swissport even went so far as to advise travelers to say goodbye to checked baggage and prefer hand luggage.

In fact, this would drastically reduce losses and, moreover, the resources employed to re-route lost luggage to its owners. However, it is not always possible to take hand luggage only, since the very strict regulations do not allow you to take with you what you want.

If it is not possible for you to opt for hand luggage, according to Frankfurt Airport Manager Thomas Kirner you can always try to make your suitcase stand out with a striking colour. “Many people travel with black suitcases on wheels, which makes their identification very time-consuming,” he explains in particular.

So between tracers and neon suitcases, all you have to do is choose… and cross your fingers!

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