“Thermal sieves”: Towards another postponement of the obligatory energy audit

Posted on Jul 27, 2022 at 6:40 p.mUpdated July 28, 2022 at 12:07 p.m

According to our information, the decree is about to be published. Even if the executive points out that talks between the various ministries concerned are still ongoing. The government would have decided to postpone it again, to April 1ah January 2023 the entry into force of the energy audit, which must become mandatory when selling a detached house or detached house qualified as a “thermal sieve”. That is, classified as F or G under the Energy Performance Diagnosis (DPE).

This test, which will also extend to class E apartments from 2025 and from 2034, should initially take place on 1 January 2025ah January 2022. A first postponement had already been decided on September 1st. But “we are still not ready,” explains Thierry Marchand, the outgoing president of the CDI-Fnaim, the chamber of real estate diagnosticians of the National Association of Real Estate Agents, who did a lot of work on this file.

“Not ready”

“The framework of the energy audit – namely the formalism of the report that is given to the customer – is not yet complete,” he explains. Without this framework, the publishers of the software used to conduct these audits “are unable to automate data processing as much as possible. »

For him, therefore, it is better not to rush and “launch in January with a reliable tool” than to risk blocking a certain number of real estate transactions at the beginning of the school year. He also points out that once the software is ready, it will take time to further train the diagnosticians.

It’s also about avoiding another hiccup after the new DPE, which comes into force on June 1stah January 2021 and which was only really operational in November. “It sends a very bad signal when we force renovations based on undeveloped tools,” Fnaim President Jean-Marc Torrollion reacted when he found out about this likely new postponement of the mandatory energy audit.

This shift is “a good omen that the entire sector – diagnosticians, real estate agents, trustees – can support the policy of energy renovation more effectively”, welcomed Yannick Ainouche, the newly elected President of CDI-Fnaim.

Impact on the selling price

The aim of the mandatory energy audit is to provide each potential buyer with accurate information about the work to be carried out and the costs involved in order to bring the apartment they have bought out of thermal sieve status. It will therefore inevitably have an impact on the determination of the selling price. Its reliability is all the more important.

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