The Court of Auditors calls for a reduction in the price of fully reimbursed hearing aids

The institution wants to reduce the costs borne by the social security and mutual insurance companies.

The full reimbursement of certain hearing aids with the 100% health reform has boosted sales so much that the Court of Auditors on Wednesday recommended reducing the selling price to cut costs for social security and mutuals. Hearing aid acousticians are called to order. The “rest for free” promised by Emmanuel Macron, the goal of “100% healthcare reform”, has indeed exceeded expectations in this sector: this new offer, which came into force at the beginning of 2021, represented “40% of hearing aids sold“Last year, François de la Guéronnière, section chair of the Court of Auditors, said during a Senate hearing.

A “favorable result“among other things, since the “100% health” also means “a reduction of the remaining amount to be paid according to supplementary health insurance” and “a sharp increase in patient numbers“Equipped with hearing aids, he joined the Social Affairs Committee, which had tasked him with reporting on the issue.

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Almost 1.4 million reimbursed prostheses at the end of November

However, the reform included a “regulatory mechanism“what intended”a reduction in the sales price limit if a certain quantity is exceeded“- in this case, the threshold was set at 935,000 devices for 2021. With almost 1.4 million units reimbursed at the end of November “This volume was exceeded, but we didn’t make the price cuts“, he emphasized and therefore recommended lowering the upper tariff limit from 950 to 900 euros as planned.

But the main stakeholders don’t see it that way. Contacted by AFP, Luis Godinho, President of the Syndicate of Audioprosthodontists, “We can’t understand how we could impose a price reduction on professionals who played the game so well, especially since the inflation is about 50 euros” questionable. Main financier of “100% Health”, the health insurance company does not mention this title in its “development proposalsthe reform. His latest reportcargo and productsrather emphasizes better management of “strong corrections» in optics, wigs for chemotherapy patients or in orthodontics.

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