Inflation: No “systemic” drift, but “transparency” necessary, state MPs

published on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 17:00

Amid rising prices, how to avoid abusive behavior? MPs tasked with examining inflation said so on Wednesday July 27 unable to say at this time whether suspicious practices contribute to the current price increase while calling for heightened vigilance.

The rapporteurs of the working group set up by the Economic Affairs Committee, Aurélie Trouvou (LFI) and Xavier Albertini (Horizons), wished continue their investigation at the beginning of the school yearand pointed out that the peak of inflation is yet to come.

Food prices examined

On the sensitive issue of possible “speculators”, especially in agricultural prices and food products, “in my view, our work has not led to the conclusion of systemic abusive behavior from manufacturers or dealers,” said Xavier Albertini before the order was placed.

Nevertheless, “the current situation seems to justify further monitoringon the part of the government, on each other’s behavior”, he underlined. Aurélie Trouvou explained that “at the moment the data do not allow us to give an unequivocal answer to the question of speculation”.

While stressing that the working group had already auditioned no fewer than 38 personalities, she hinted as muchan in-depth study of this topic required more time and lamented the difficulty of obtaining figures. “We need to go much further with the transparency obligations imposed on economic operators,” she wished.

“Suspicious” increases requested by manufacturers

At the end of June, the chairman of the strategic committee for E. Leclerc stores, Michel-Edouard Leclerc, caused a stir when he spoke of “suspicious” increases demanded by manufacturers as part of renegotiations on the prices of supermarket groceries. However, a Senate report released on July 19 concluded that, with the exception of a few “special cases,” there were none no “widespread phenomenon of excessive charging” observed.

For their part, the two MEPs give and support the inflation diagnosis (5.8% over one year in June), which hits the most modest households first a “grocery coupon” that favors quality products. It must be avoided that “the shifts in consumption (due to the increase in price) do not occur with imported products of poor quality”, stressed Xavier Albertini.

Aurélie Trouvé wanted the meal check “targeted at shorts and organic‘ and fears that ‘inflation is organically struggling due to its higher price’.

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