Unemployment figures: The number of category A jobseekers fell by 0.8% in the second quarter

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The number of unemployed (category A, inactive) in France (excluding Mayotte) fell by 0.8% in the second quarter compared to the previous quarter, ie by 26,900 fewer registered.

The number of category A unemployed fell by 0.8% in France (excluding Mayotte) in the second quarter, according to figures published on Wednesday by the Labor Ministry. Specifically, this is 26,900 fewer registered people and a number that drops to 3.165 million.

Over a year, the drop in Category A is 15.1%. Including reduced employment (categories B and C of the Pôle Emploi), the number of jobseekers fell by 1.7% in the second quarter (-8.9% over one year) and amounted to 5,436 million, according to the statistics department of the Ministry of Labor ( dares).

\ud83d\udcc9 The number of job seekers continues to decline!

\u27a1\ufe0f In the second quarter, the number of registered increased @pole_emploi in categories A, B and C fell significantly by 1.8%.

\u27a1\ufe0f These 92,000 fewer unemployed reflect an increasing number of permanent jobs. #Full employment https://t.co/tRO5ji8BlV

– Olivier Dussopt (@olivierdussopt) July 27, 2022

“The number of job seekers continues to fall!”, Labor Minister Olivier Dussopt immediately welcomed, noting on Twitter that the number of people registered in categories A, B and C “is falling significantly”. In the second quarter, the number of jobseekers in the B category (less than 78 hours worked per month) decreased by 3.7% (-27,700), after falling by 2.2% in the previous quarter and in the C category (over 79 hours). -2.7% (-41,900).

In category A for metropolitan France alone, the number of jobseekers remained stable in the second quarter among the under-25s (-22.8% over a year) and decreased among the 25-49 year-olds (-0.4% ) and those older than 50 years and older (-1.2%) Among the long-term unemployed, the number of jobseekers who have been registered for a year or more increased by 3.9% in the second quarter (-14.9% over a year) to 2.57 million (categories A, B and C). The proportion of jobseekers registered for a year or more reached 47.3% (-3.3 points over a year).

The latest quarterly results, released at the end of April, showed a sharp drop of 5% in category A, or 170,000 fewer registrations, after a drop of the same magnitude in the previous quarter (-5.7%). At ABC, the decline was 2.7% to 5.533 million.

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