Bouygues Telecom maintains its dominance over WiFi, Orange doubles Free, SFR and its subscribers lag behind according to nPerf

Bouygues Telecom maintains its dominance over WiFi, Orange doubles Free, SFR and its subscribers lag behind according to nPerf

nPerf introduces its second barometer of WiFi connections, ranking operators based on their performance on their boxes’ wireless network from a mobile device. Bouygues Telecom remains the leader and emerges as the winner in almost all criteria. With the theorem on the flow rates, Orange’s Free is doubled.

WiFi is becoming the new war vein among operators, it must be said that wireless connection is now the most commonly used at home. In this context, the measurement tool nPerf offers for the second time a WLAN barometer for Internet connections in France. This study complements their other barometers with the same criteria as for cellular connectivity, but with a simple technology change.

Using the internet from a mobile device via Wi-Fi at home is becoming more and more common. To complete the fixed line barometer, which is mainly based on computer tests, this study only considers the tests carried out in home Wi-Fi networks from the nPerf application on mobile devices.says nPerf.

In the first half of the year, i.e. between January 1, 2022 and June 30, 2022, no fewer than 1.7 million unit tests were recorded on Android and iOS mobile phones. So which operator offers the best WiFi? As in 2021, Bouygues Telecom fixed line subscribers benefited from the best overall WiFi performance in the first six months of the year. “This operator already made a difference in download speeds last year. This time he also snatches victory from his opponents on all indicators where he was not already victorious, except for latency, taking the lead in the overall score (+19,000 nPoints in 6 months).”indicates nPerf.

Last year, Bouygues Telecom, Free and Orange were in the handkerchief with an amplitude of almost 1,000 points. This year, the Bouygues daughter reinforces her dominance as Orange steals second place from Free: “Orange’s fixed line offerings continue to appear to offer the most symmetrical Wi-Fi speeds (169 Mb/s average download speed vs. 141 Mb/s average upload speed), while showing the second best performance (and final placement) on these two indicators . However, it’s the latency with which he drives the point home and wins the fight against Free, the previous winner, who relies on a rapid progression of almost 10ms.

Xavier Niel’s operator also continues to excel in web browsing and video streaming. Tied third in downlink speeds with the incumbent, Free lags behind in uplink speeds, being the only operator below the 100Mbps mark.

For its part, SFR ranks last on almost every criteria except for upstream speed and latency, where it ranks third. “In absolute terms, the progression is good (+ 16,000 npoints) and the average performance is very decent, but the operator will have to work hard to catch up with its competitors.”

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