The meal check paid this summer is causing a stir

The purchasing power of the French has been declining for a number of years. Emmanuel Macron had promised to help them during the election campaign issue meal vouchers. And recently the amount was revealed and it’s just mind blowing!

A food check why?

The purchasing power of the French has been steadily declining for several years. They find it increasingly difficult to make ends meet. And to win votes in the presidential elections, Emmanuel Macron started the idea of ​​a meal voucher.

Its goal is to help people on the lowest incomes. This food check will help them run errands. If the idea has anything to seduce, Michel-Édouard Leclerc, boss of the supermarket group, reacted to this announcement. He explained “What would be a pity is that we make food vouchers for the French, which are given out in the most expensive shops”.

Then he added “It’s a shame when we do a food check, it’s to help people who don’t have much money, who are with us, with Lidl, Aldi… “.

That is also their goal the French consume locally and prefer short circuits. The ministers responsible for the dossier are also considering the possibility of buying organic products, products with labels and products from their region.

Who will be entitled to it?

This meal voucher is a very good idea. Now that we know what it’s being used for, who will get it?

The first target group of this meal voucher are 18-25 year olds who have very little or no income when they go to school. You are not the only ones affected by this help. Households with children and low income.

Julien De Normandie, a close friend of Emmanuel Macron, also stated: “Today you have almost 8 million of our fellow citizens struggling to access local productions, quality productions, our French productions in reality. and therefore we must give them a helping hand to help them acquire this”.

This food check is then aimed at the “lower class” and “middle class” as Emmanuel Macron admitted.

Now that we know what it’s used for and who it’s going to, find out the amount of the grocery check.

An amount that causes a stir!

After seeing what the meal voucher would be used for and who it would be addressed to, some of the President’s close associates suggested a number and this amount is already causing a stir.

According to MP Mounir Mahjoubi, a close friend of the President, the food check should be between 30 and 60 euros per month per beneficiary. He also announced that “The total budget could then increase from a few hundred million to two billion euros.”

This amount is a very small boost and many opposition MPs shouted foul. This amount is ridiculous given the increase in all prices. Some basic needs have increased so much. Some of the poorest households can no longer afford them.

This amount does not correspond to the difficulties of the French eat right every month.

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