Meta: Zuckerberg (Facebook) declares war on Apple in the Metavers race

news hardware Meta: Zuckerberg (Facebook) declares war on Apple in the Metavers race

While Apple is still lagging behind in the famed Metaverse revolution, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg believes the Apple brand is a formidable opponent.

According to an inside source, Facebook’s CEO said during a meeting that the company will wage a “philosophical battle” in building the future metaverse.

According to Mark Zukerberg, Apple represents a competitor, even an obstacle, to the Facebook metaverse. In fact, the two brands’ approach to creating tomorrow’s 3D virtual world could be vastly different.

With that, the CEO would have informed his employees that the company is in direct competition with Apple, although the Apple brand has not yet released anything related to the Metaverse. Are we to understand that Apple is already developing its vision of the metaverse internally?

As we know, Apple has always excelled in the development of its products. Its non-conformity and minimalism have made the brand what it is today, a leader in the marketing of technological products. The company seems to have the recipe to create almost addictive products for the general public…

Although Apple doesn’t aim to develop a large-scale social network, we do know that the brand is working on a virtual reality headset. What Zuckerberg fears most, therefore, is the issue of his metaverse’s interoperability. Apple tends to be more and more independent, so the brand develops its own standards, especially through components that are made by and for its products. Therefore, it is very likely that the Horizon World metaverse will not be welcome on the future Apple-branded VR headset.

For this reason, the CEO explains: “It’s a competition of philosophies and ideas where they believe that by making everything themselves and integrating it tightly, they create a better customer experience. »

Meta Horizon worlds


An obstacle for Meta, which just in June during the Open Standards Forum signed an agreement on the interoperability of the Metaverse with a large number of companies. This massive partnership aims to build the standards of tomorrow’s virtual world by agreeing on multiple technical standards.

Under this alliance there are several giants such as:

  • Meta (Facebook),
  • Microsoft
  • Adobe
  • Ali Baba
  • Epic Games
  • IKEA
  • Huawei

Therefore, the CEO of Meta believes that by creating its own standards, Apple violates the idea of ​​creating a “very broad ecosystem” open to all companies.

This interoperability debate seems to be in its infancy, as the metaverse promised to users is said to be a true recreation of reality in a 3D environment. Therefore, if there are several unique metaverses that do not communicate with each other, the bet of these giants is lost in advance.

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