Back to school 2022: Lidl eliminates VAT on consumables, 20% immediate discount

This Thursday, July 21, Michel Biero, Executive Purchasing and Marketing Director of France, Several measures affecting prices were announced on the Europe 1 microphone school supplies. Indeed, inflation continues to rise and back-to-school products are not being spared. An increasingly difficult situation for the humblest of families. In order to help parents, the German brand wants to help in particular Remove VAT on school supplies, which will lead to a reduction in the prices of 20%.

Inflation, estimated at 5.8% over the year in June according to INSEE, continues to rise in France, hampering many wallets when shopping. According to Michel Biero, the Lidl branches will remain ” more beneficial for our customers because of our model, even if we suffer from inflation ourselves. » “LThe products that have gone up the most are pasta, oil, mustard, paper, paper towels… We have about 4.5% inflation and we’re going to get 5 or 5.5% inflation.” “So that’s the end of it of summer probably 7% until the end of the year.‘ he recalled. The hard discount company therefore wishes relieve households.

Measures to support the purchasing power of the French

In order to support consumers, Lidl has already launched a measure that directly affects this purchasing power the French. The company has ” set up the ‘thrust‘, meaning 5% off store-wide, with no product restrictions. “We didn’t expect one such success‘ said Michel Biero. ” This should last until the end of August, but we are thinking about extending it or creating other operations to cap the prices. “, he added.

Lidl wants to go even further in its measures and offers a help for families. The manager announced that the shops will Remove VAT on school supplies. these last” will be available in a few days. »We will help consumers by offering 20% sale above, i.e. by completely abolishing VAT on all school products.“, he explained. A great way to help parents, especially since the prices of school supplies are likely to increase for this school year 2022-2023.

According to Europe 1, the next school year should cost average €200 for a sixth grader. Back-to-school bills have only been rising for a few years. In 2021 it was already almost 200 euros, compared to 197.58 euros in 2020, 195.58 euros in 2019 and 190.24 euros in 2016. “Of course, my budget depends on the price increase, which is anticipated. », a mother told Franceinfo. For example the Notebook prices increased by 18% in one year. Highlighters, on the other hand, have seen their prices skyrocket with a 38% increase.

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Families have to deal with inflation

Some families have already done so anticipate the purchase school supplies. They share the desire to avoid the consequences of inflation on product prices as much as possible. Olivier Dauvers, retail specialist, told Franceinfo: “It is better to buy everything you need now (…) because it will cost in the coming months inevitably more expensive. » That used supplies are also a great way to reduce the total amount of back-to-school purchases.

Associations work to help the poorest families. ” Anything related to notebooks, sheets, pens, these products will increase by on average 15 to 20% and accumulated over a variety of necessary supplies, it ends up being a very large sum. A family with one student needs about 500 to 600 euros.“, supports Éric Labastie, Secretary General of the FCPE.

Just like Lidl, some brands of retail trade make sure they do their best save the wallet Familys. ” We’re not going to have 40% increases on calculators, we’re not going to have 20% inflations on our notebooks.“, shared the manager ” school children from Auchan to Europe 1. Dealers could, however, find it difficult to contain rising costs in the coming months. In fact, INSEE a 6.8% inflation until the end of the year.

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