Amazon Prime is increasing its prices: How can you benefit from the old price for as long as possible?

The Amazon Prime price hike comes at the start of the school year, but there are solutions to keep the old prices as long as possible.

The news broke this week. While the platform has so far been spared price hikes, Amazon Prime recently announced one significant price increase, at a rate of +43% on the final bill. From the start of the school year in September the annual subscription increases from €49 to €69.90leading in particular to some changes related to the access conditions to the Ligue 1 Pass. However, there are solutions to benefit a little from the old tariff.

Subscribe until September 14th

The Amazon Prime price increase will take place on September 15th. Which means that in Subscribing to an annual offer before this date, you can use a one-year Prime subscription for €49. If you checkout on September 14th, you will benefit from a full year’s subscription, which will only be renewed a year later, this time at the new price.

The maneuver is simple, but you can still save €20 a year. If you don’t want to renew your subscription after one year at a reduced price, that’s also possible Activate alarm, which slips into your mailbox three days before the contract is extended. A great way not to miss the boat by stacking for another year.

Subscribe to Amazon Prime

How do I unsubscribe from Amazon Prime?

If the new tariff from Amazon has not yet convinced you, this is also possible Unsubscribe Immediately. Keep in mind that the platform nailed down by the European Commission in recent weeks has had to make the withdrawal procedure much easier. From now on you just have to go to the page “your account“ > “prime”. Of the “Upgrade, cancel and more‘, an option then allows you to select ‘Cancel subscription and benefits“. All pre-billed services will remain accessible until their due date, but the subscription will not be renewed.

However, keep in mind that the Amazon Prime subscription itself, at almost €70 per year, remains much more affordable than that of Netflix, which can climb up to €17.99 per month for its premium offer, ie just over €215 per year.

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