Fuel: 30 cents, 20 cents, cost price… the schedule and conditions of the discounts

The price of fuel is an extremely sensitive and delicate issue. The numerous gun passes on this subject in the plenary hall of the National Assembly in recent days, on the sidelines of the examination of the amending finance law and its “purchasing power” component, serve as proof. The government, deprived of a majority, was even forced to make several compromises in order to please the opposition and preserve the LR’s votes.

But some fuel sellers are not waiting for the government and are announcing discounts for these holidays and back to school. France Bleu takes stock of the various discounts.

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The government promises a reduction of 30 cents per liter in September-October

Therefore, first of all, it is the government that makes the most effort. The senators still have to vote in turn, but in the first reading, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the Purchasing Power Act was finally passed in the National Assembly after examining the 800 legislative amendments. These include in particular the extension of the tariff protection for energy prices until the end of the year and the abolition of the public tax of 138 euros, but also another boost at the pump.

Because to secure the votes of the right while the examination of the text took longer than expected, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire found a compromise on fuels with a discount of 30 cents per liter instead of the current 18 cents. They were introduced in April and then extended until August 31st.

This discount, which is directly deducted from the price displayed at the pump, is then applied again only 10 cents in November and December the government warns, however.

20 cent discount at the pump in the total stations at the beginning of the school year

The French mineral oil company TotalEnergie grants a petrol pump discount of 20 cents per liter between September and November at all its gas stations, then by 10 cents per liter by the end of the year, he announced in a statement last week. The retailer had already reacted at the beginning of the summer with a discount of 12 cents per liter at its motorway stations.

TotalEnergies has 3,500 service stations (out of around 11,000) in France.

Operating at cost at Leclerc during the bank holiday crossover weekend

But in the middle of summer and during the school holidays you will find the best prices at the Leclerc resorts. Since Thursday 28 July and Saturday 30 July The fuel is thus available at cost price at 696 Leclerc filling stations, excluding motorways, the sign announces in a press release. While a liter of unleaded 95 and diesel currently costs around 1.90 euros, Leclerc customers can benefit from a few cent discount. Leclerc stores have already reduced their margins on these products.

Fuel voucher, big bike subsidy, rural fuel station subsidy: where are the other options mentioned?

On the other hand, the other purchasing power measures sometimes mentioned by the government or the opposition remain for the time being in the status of proposals, of indications. Or even, are now buried. This is e.g. B. the case at “Fuel Allowance for Workers” also called “fuel voucher” by some ministers a few days ago. In fact, the government laid down the framework for this in mid-July This means-tested help for civil servants, trainees, the self-employed and employees, set up in October for employees who drive to work. she should be between 100 and 300 euros, depending on income level and distance travelled. But the LR faction in the assembly found this help too exclusionary and preferred the per liter discount, which would therefore benefit everyone.

Rural gas stations are to be subsidized by the state by the end of the year “Play the Game”, the government explained, while these small stations have higher transportation costs than in the city. On Monday evening, the deputies actually voted for an LR amendment EUR 15 million financial support for small and medium-sized independent petrol stations, mainly in rural areas.

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