The e-bike premium will increase significantly

The e-bike premium will increase significantly

As part of the discussions about the 2022 financing amendment, an amendment to strengthen the bonus when purchasing an electric bicycle was approved. A measure that is scheduled to come into force on August 15.

While rising fuel prices continue to weigh heavily on the purchasing power of the French, the government will increase its aid for soft mobility. Determined to encourage cycling, MPs voted to amend the Finance Amendment Bill for 2022. This was proposed by a majority of a group of MPs and passed on July 25, and aims to expand the rewards already available for buying an electric bike Thanks to an additional envelope of 5 million euros.

A double bonus for e-bikes

Fixed today at a maximum of €200, the The bonus will be increased to €300 for all households and €400 for the youngest. The condition imposed on the applicant to receive a parallel grant from a local authority is also waived. ” Outside of cities, there are few shopping aids, while cycling can be a useful answer in medium-sized towns, rural and suburban areas: only 4% of areas with less than 50,000 inhabitants offer shopping aids ‘ emphasize the elected officials.

Exceptionally, for the same less privileged households, the bonus may also be open to classic bicycles without electric assistance. The allocated envelope is then €150 per bike.

Aid for the purchase of an e-cargo bike will also be increased. The cap is increased from €1,000 to €2,000, still up to 40% of the cost. This bonus is also extended to folding bikes under the name “Other Bike”. The bonus can be up to €1,000 within a limit of 40% of the purchase price.

Amount of bike rewards – from August 15, 2022

All households low-income households
electric bike



Electric cargo bike



folding bike



muscle bike


For cargo bikes, the premium will increase from 1,000 to 2,000 euros from August 15th

A more generous conversion bonus

Due to the scrapping of an old petrol or diesel vehicle, the exchange premium is also extended.

Previously limited to one e-bike per household, everyone in the household can now benefit from it. The total frame is also increased from €1,500 to €3,000.

Introduced August 15

The new bonuses for e-bikes are expected to apply from August 15th. An official decree will officially introduce the measure and detail the conditions of application of the new system…

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