Leclerc again castigates the “lack of transparency” of price increases and expects inflation of “7 to 9%”

Michel-Edouard Leclerc seems to have more and more doubts about the rise in prices in supermarkets. On BFMTV, on June 30, he had already estimated that “half of the increases [de prix] requested are not transparent but suspicious”. The Leclerc stores boss added a shift at the same chain this Thursday. “On site we would like to ask the authorities, the senators, the members of parliament so that they can look at the pricing. Is this inflation really justified? We have a lot of opacity,” he pounded Amandine Atalaya in the face.

Before you continue: “If I can explain why it’s increasing, I can say it. But if I myself have doubts about certain manufacturers, about speculation on certain markets, about post-war prices in Ukraine, it will be more difficult to explain to consumers that they have to accept a reduction of 200-300 euros. I think we’re pretty much alone in this warning. I want them to look into the issue to help us. »

This new request is reminiscent of that of last June, when Michel-Edouard Leclerc proposed that “MEPs open a commission of inquiry into the origins of inflation, into price developments since transport to consumers.

“There will be a fight”

After the deputies and senators, the head of the Leclerc branches also pointed the finger at the suppliers for more than 80 percent of the products, the increase of which is not transparent: “From now on, the suppliers will not give me any arguments to justify these increases , there will be a fight,” warned the key player. Consumer price inflation in France continued to accelerate in June, reaching 5.8% over the year, up from 5.2% in May, according to a first preliminary estimate published by INSEE. It could reach 9% by winter: “Today, many of us in distribution are announcing inflation of 7, 8 or even 9% by winter and that will happen in our stores,” revealed Michel-Edouard Leclerc.

“Everything that is biscuits, fresh produce, everything that is packaged in cardboard, glass, aluminum, all of these increase by up to 10.15%. The more the products contain raw materials like pasta and rice, the closer the increases are to 30%,” he said.

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