Tesla Cybertruck: the “good surprise” of the first aerodynamic test

The Tesla Cybertruck is an electric pickup that is very different from more conventional models. A first independent aerodynamic test confirmed this.

The Cybertruck’s unique design has long raised questions about the model’s efficiency. Tesla’s electric pickup has very sharp lines in addition to its size. Elon Musk’s company hoped that this concept could be more efficient than that of a classic pickup truck.

The aerodynamic coefficient (Cx) of pickups is generally between 0.55 and 0.65. Elon Musk hoped Tesla could achieve a Cx of 0.30 with his Cybertruck, which an independent firm was investigating.

Numeric Systems performed CFD testing to determine the pickup’s efficiency. Computational Fluid Dynamics simulations returned a result of 0.39 for the Cybertruck’s Cx. Aleix Lázaro Prat, CFD Engineer for Numerical Systems, describes the test results.

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In particular, he highlights the surprises that emerge from these simulations centered around the car’s aggressive lines. “Contrary to what many people think, the overhanging roof edge does not create a large distance”the engineer explains and notes a “nice surprise” with these results.

“The current doesn’t hang along, but the air follows the slope quite smoothly. It’s quite remarkable and a huge advantage over other pickups. In addition, the diffuser looks clean in the middle of the rear of the vehicle. This creates suction and reduces drag. »

Easily identifiable improvements

Like Musk and his 0.30 Cd target, the engineer believes Tesla can significantly improve the Cybertruck’s efficiency. In his opinion, the front of the vehicle is where the most progress can be made.

“On the other hand, our results show clear turbulent structures generated by the vehicle front connecting the bumper and hood, the vertical edge behind the headlights, the wheel arches, the design of the wheel rims and the geometry of the A and C pillars. “

“The creation of turbulent structures comes from the heaviness of the edges. These geometric features increase the vehicle’s drag, reducing the Cybertruck’s range. In addition, given the sharp tail, the flow breaks off immediately, creating a noticeable low-energy zone behind the top and side edges. »

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