The e-bike premium is doubled! Wait until August 15th to buy your UAE

The amendment funding bill currently being discussed in the Assembly should be amended to increase the bonus granted when purchasing an electric bike.

The government wants to strengthen its support system for soft mobility. Amid the energy price crisis and as soaring fuel prices continue to rise, the Executive intends to encourage cycling. To support change, nothing beats a financial boost. Aid for the purchase of an electric bicycle will be significantly increased, since its amount will simply double. The environmental bonus, currently set at 200 euros for the purchase of a VAE (Vélo à Assiststant Electrique), will be increased to 300 euros for all households and up to 400 euros for the most modest households.

In order to encourage users to opt for an electric bike, an amendment was passed as part of the Financing Amendment Act 2022, which not only modifies the amount of the subsidy, but also its conditions of use. In order to benefit from the aid, it was previously also necessary to apply for a similar aid from a local authority. This condition is lifted. “Outside the metropolitan areas, there is little purchase assistance, whereas in medium-sized towns, rural and suburban areas cycling can be a useful answer: only 4% of areas with less than 50,000 inhabitants offer purchase assistance »explain the elected officials to justify this adjustment.
Another significant change: for the most humble of households, the bonus can also be granted for the purchase of a classic bike. In this case the amount is 150 euros per bike.

2,000 euros subsidy for the purchase of a cargo bike

This upgrade obviously affects electric cargo bikes. In their case, the boost becomes more than interesting since it doubles the subsidy from 1,000 to 2,000 euros (within the limit of 40% of the purchase value). Ditto for folding bikes that integrate the device and are helped up to 1,000 euros. The change also affects the conversion premium. This was already the case when scrapping an end-of-life vehicle. Here, too, the amount doubles from 1,500 to 3,000 euros. Also note that the allowance has been extended to all household members, while previously it was limited to a single purchase.

The new conditions of the eco-bonus for electric bicycles are scheduled to come into force on August 15th. If it’s never too early to start preparing for your purchase, ideally with our best electric bikes of the moment, we strongly recommend that you wait until the end of August to benefit from a VAE at the best price.

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