Purchasing power: The Senate decides to cap the increase in commercial rents

Senators passed an amendment by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne aimed at capping the annual variation in the commercial rent index for SMEs at 3.5%.

The Senate on Friday, with the support of the government, decided to limit the increase in commercial rents for SMEs to 3.5 percent for one year, like the device planned for private housing.

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During the first-reading examination of the Purchasing Power Act, senators passed an amendment by Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne (RDPI with En Marche majority) aimed at limiting the annual fluctuation of the Commercial Rent Index (ILC) for SMEs. “These companies are the vitality of our cities, our villages‘ stressed the former Minister for SMEs.

A cap on rents for local, self-employed tradespeople is mandatory»

A supplementary request from the governmentguarantees that there will be no catch-up action“ Subsequently said the minister delegate in charge of SMEs, trade, crafts and tourism, Olivia Grégoire. The government had started negotiations between landlords and tenants. “We all found a solution together to meet the urgency of the situation“, She said. Changes aimed at the same goal were also introduced by centrist senators, RDSE with a radical majority and CRCE with a communist majority.”Yes, it is imperative to cap rents from local independent traders», supported Celine Brulin (CRCE). LR reporter Daniel Gremillet noted that he “important to limit to SMEs» this ceiling.

In a press release, the Syndicat des Indépendants welcomed “a breath of fresh air for the cash flow and purchasing power of small business owners and self-employed managers in these difficult times and without concrete prospects“.

Previously, the Senate hadrent sign» Provide a cap on the change in the Reference Rent Index (IRL) from July 2022 to June 2023 for individuals at 3.5% to limit the impact of high inflation.

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