Leclerc announces very good news for consumers in times of inflation!

The inflation protection shield should end on July 31, 2022. Leclerc has just announced an extension of the device. The list of products included in the shield is even extended to up to 234 references.

Since the beginning of the period of hyperinflation, many supermarkets have launched extraordinary offers to help the French. On May 4, 2022, Leclerc had launched inflation protection. The brand launched this offer to combat rising prices.

The principle of the offer was to fix the prices 120 products for everyday use. And that despite rising prices. These products were chosen from the products that their customers bought the most. Thus, the offer made it possible to preserve the purchasing power of the French.

Inflation protection was originally scheduled to end on July 31. Except that the sign just indicated that the offer will last until December. The anti-inflation mechanism is even expanded 110 more products. Explanations.

shield increase

Leclerc announced this on July 28 Extension of the inflation protection shield. Journalist Olivier Dauvers shared the press release on his Twitter account. According to the press release, customers of the brand will take advantage of this exceptional offer until December 4, 2022.

This good news is accompanied by a boost that delights the brand’s customers. The Leclerc Group has added 110 more products to the products that the device already protects. Well, the inflation shield is almost holding 234 everyday products from rising prices. And that from August 1, 2022.

According to the press release, every second Frenchman does too 49% of the French, is limited to 5 euros when shopping. The anti-inflation measure therefore allows them to continue to have access to basic consumer goods. Leclerc customers can ensure that any price increases do not disadvantage them purchasing power.

The privilege of Leclerc loyalty card holders

Inflation protection extended to the same principle as that introduced in May. It is primarily aimed at customers with a Leclerc loyalty card. Please note that this card is free.

According to the press release, the amount will be credited to Tickets Leclerc in the event of any increases. That is, if one of the products makes experiences a price increase, the increase will be compensated by Tickets Leclerc in the loyalty card. It is important to know that this only applies to products included in inflation protection.

Supermarket, inflation sign

The measure applies to all Leclerc supermarket centers and Leclerc Drive. The products included in the Inflation Protection Shield affect national brands and also the marks of the mark. Customers will therefore find products under the Repère brand, the Our regions have talent and Eco+ brands.

Two new spokes in the Inflation Shield

The 234 products of the anti-inflation device remain in the ranking of most purchased everyday products. Leclerc derived this ranking based on the daily purchases made by the French. The sign announced the other references that will be added to the system.

The list includes everyday products such as:

  • President’s Soft Gourmet Butter (250 g),
  • Herta Knacki Original Sausages,
  • The original Coca-Cola soda,
  • Harry’s bread, 100% natural, without crust,
  • Brittany buckwheat pancakes Our regions have talent,
  • crystal water,
  • Nutella biscuits and other…

The complete list Products can be found on the Leclerc website.

Originally it was about the inflation protection shield four product departments. It only protected the price of products in the Beverage Department, Grocery, Drugstore/Hygiene, and Fresh/Early Goods sectors.

Extended Inflation Shield is extended two new categories. The facility now affects the price of certain products in the hardware/garden/pet stores and those of the classes.

We can say that it is a big boost for parents preparing to start school. Inflation has particularly affected the class division. The renewal of the anti-inflation shield seems to have come at the right time. Good news which relieves the French.

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